How Rowing Can Help You Lose Weight On The Concept 2 Rower

May 31, 2017
lose fat very easy
May 31, 2017

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Terrific Ways You Can Get in Shape

Very poor exercise can in a negative way impact you, equally bodily and emotionally. You must do a great deal of your research in order that you don’t significantly harm yourself exercising. There are some tips shown below to assist you start with an exercise routine that may be right for you and your goals.

If you typically do not listen to music when you are working out, you should definitely try it out. Music will help you pick up the pace. Music is also energizing and moving to the beat helps make it easier to keep going. You will find you can have fun exercising when you have the music to help keep your mind off of the work you are doing.

Keep your back in mind since it is typically forgotten while in physical exercise. Strong back again muscles can control your posture, your skill to accomplish other exercise routines and in many cases how far your belly protrudes. Be sure to carry out some aerobic exercise well before back again exercise routines which means that your muscles are considerably hot and limber.


  1. GeLiGeLu says:

    Dark Horse – do you have any advice on a 2-3 month workout plan? Building up intensity and volume?

  2. Jono Guna says:

    Hey dude I was just wondering what your 2k was

  3. doe's rowing take the belly fat ?

  4. swalstar says:

    Thank you, very inspiring, motivating and thought provoking.

  5. Mike S. says:

    Great contribution, thanks. In my experience rowing is the most effective way to loose weight without stressing your joints. It is amazing how fast your body adapts to the movement and increased work out by the week. But you need to cut out the usual crap you eat and drink. Avoid sodas of any kind, show McD the middle finger and go moderate on booze. Another prerequisite for weight loss is being aware that it takes time and a constant effort. You did not get fat in a week or two, why would you expect to get slim in a short time then ? Make rowing a part of you weekly life. And believe me – its getting easier every time. Good luck my fellow fatsos.

  6. can i do rowing as i have injury on my right toe………

  7. Kate 3398 says:

    I usually do the elliptical. Today I did the rowing machine for 15 minutes on level 3 resistance. I have Cerebral Palsy so the right side of my body is weaker. I felt good and enjoyed the workout. Do I need to do reps? I've lost 33LBS, looking to lose 15-20 more. I want to lose weight more than "tone". Should I take it easy on the resistance for weight loss?

  8. Your voice is so boring I couldn't hear you…

  9. JP says:

    Thanks for this video man great info!

  10. Will rowing help with bingo wings?

  11. Rowing is pretty awesome
    Beats running, at least

  12. Rowing has changed my life. Not only have I lost over 60 lbs. in the last year, I've discovered a lot about myself. Knowing what we know about how effective rowing is, I'm amazed that people almost universally ignore what is right in front of their eyes. Rowing really works as a weight loss tool. Try it. But even more important, stay with it.

  13. I tried looking for this bt did nt find anywhere in ur vids. Can u tell me how to divide the sets. how much time exactly should I row n rest. Or jess like running we should do it at normal pace for say 30-45 mins. I do 3 sets for 7-6-5 mins n rest in between at normal pace.

  14. Can you share your personal weight loss story?

  15. If you are spinning on certain days, would rowing be a good alternative?

  16. I just purchased my rower, it will be here tomorrow. It'a water rower. I am excited!!!!

  17. Medium build, 60 lbs overweight, used to be very active, now a couch ipad-tomato. What type / brand of row machine is recommended for puchase to acquire some better exercise habits.

  18. Jon Boz says:

    Interesting info. I just started rowing about a month ago and really enjoy it so far. I'm 70 y/o, in good shape but not one who enjoys working out in a gym. I've got a home gym with most of the equipment, but just got tired of the routine. Rowing is new to me and I like that there is no impact and yet most of my muscles are getting involved. Look forward to viewing more of your videos, even while rowing away. Thanks.

  19. Stand more than you sit. Walk stairs vs elevator. Don't drink soda or eat red meat. Walk at least 30 mins a day.don't eat bread or chips or crap.

  20. MatadorPen says:

    I am doing Charles Poliquin's Interval sprint program, 16 weeks, 4x a week. Days 1 and 3 are :30 sec all out, 90 sec rest for 10x, Day 2 is 2:00 sprint with active rest for :90 sec, 6x. Day 4 is 30 minutes for distance ( I usually get 5800 – 5700ml, aiming for 6000m at end.)

  21. Great information and great video! I started indoor rowing last May and have lost ~10 lbs thanks to nutrition changes and the intervals we do in erg class. It really does come down to the mindset, especially for people who are emotional eaters. Thanks for the helpful video!

  22. She Shell says:

    I can't wait to get my machine

  23. Good lawd, I got lost in a YouTube black hole & somehow came across this video at 4 in the morning and now I've found my husband 😍

  24. DarkHorse…Glad I found your videos…I like the row machine workout but don't have a comparison of what "being good" at it is… I like doing 5000M for 30 minutes (1000M per 5 min). What kind of workout do you do?…

  25. Wow, dude get them ears fixed.

  26. I am so Glad I came across this video,You covered it all for me,and though I am moving toward the same ideas ,thoughts like these are a great reinforcement to keep you focused on your goals,since I have rheumatoid arthritis,Its great to know that this is a low impact form of many times I've been told to walk my weight off but I am tired of explaining how painful a simple thing like walking can be..I had made a huge mistake of going to the gym,and ended up with a my lesson ,and thankfully I have a rowing machine at home yaaay lol..Thank you once again 🙂

  27. Thanks man. You made a lot of sense. What a great help.

  28. I just pull at full force max drag all out for 30 mins non-stop. Form is the ultimate. Pulling incorrectly has little benefit to your overall conditioning. No yolk.

  29. Super refreshing to hear people talking about weight loss from a psychological/ mindset perspective. Another great video!

  30. phtz says:

    Great video. It can definitely be rough when lots of "Beginner Programming" (like Pete's Plan for Beginners) will really crush the soul of someone unfit looks for guidance on using the machine. Allowing yourself and your body the time required to acclimate to it is so important.

  31. edinborogh says:

    i have been rowing for 4 months now, and during the first 8 weeks i lost 9 KG without changing my diet habit. i was amazed to see the change in my body weight and form, and i am even more amazed that i really grow fond of rowing.
    i am rowing 4 days a week with different types of sessions ( intensity and volume/distance ) and i am not afraid of going to the gym and more as i used to when i first started. |