How Often You Need to Row to Consistently Get Better

June 6, 2017
HOW TO GET RID OF BELLY FAT IN A WEEK – How To Get Rid of Stomach Fat Easy
June 6, 2017

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Dark Horse Rowing is built for indoor rowers and gyms who want to use the rowing machine as a tool for their training, workouts, weight loss, and recovering from injury.

You’ll get workouts, coaching, and support all around the Concept 2 rowing machine. This is THE place to get great workouts and understand the rowing machine.

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Ideas to Help You Get in the Best Shape of Your Life

The saying physical fitness basically includes several different significant suggestions. They are physical exercise, nutrition and all round well being. You can not merely concentrate on one of these brilliant regions when ignoring others and plan to be totally match. This short article will provide you with some ideas on how to include the 3 subject areas and become inside the finest design of your life.

To get the best from your cardio exercise, try interval training workouts. Go as fast as it is possible to for two a few minutes, and after that sleep for any min. By moving your heartrate up and down such as this, your regular workout is maximized, meaning individuals calories are getting burned easier than ever before.

Walk without shoes. This will aid strengthen your leg muscle tissues in addition to your legs. This is especially ideal for women, who shorten their leg muscle tissues by walking in high heel shoes frequently. Stretching your leg and ankle joint muscle tissues cuts down on stiffness and stimulates mobility and range of motion. Jogging without shoes will also help your experience of balance.


  1. SuperLeap says:

    I've started doing this at my local gym but I got little dizzy at the end of the exercise, I think I was trying to keep the wheel to run at 1200RPM for 40 seconds then resting 1 minute at 600RPM, this for 10 minutes, I am overweight so that might be the cause. Other than that, great video and I'll keep pushing myself, my goal is to lose my massive stomach.

  2. how long do you row for 10mins 20mins what do you suggest, please let me know as I just started

  3. Just found you guys recently and I love your videos! Your explanations are so clear that I'm going to start using them to explain to my rowers what or why they should be doing something. As for training.. I've been focused on coaching this past year, but really eager to start again. Gonna do a 30k in Venice and a 100k in the Netherlands within a week of each other… Wish me luck…

  4. leoct1985 says:

    which concept2 model do you think is better D or E?

  5. Joe says:

    Damn… i just started.. I row 6 days per week..
    May i how long do i row per day?

  6. paul smith says:

    My wife and I row a lot . We row about everything. Always rowing about this and that.

  7. hey,
    how many meters should we be doing a week to consistently get better?

  8. Great channel, CrossFit starter and need to improve my 1:27 500m.

  9. Your videos are great!

  10. This is grand! Both my partner and I are rugby players and we've been pushed towards rowing for power and endurance. Your videos are fantastic thank you for making it so simple to start from zero and move forwards

  11. Great video, Im new to rowing and need it for my pt test.

  12. I row for 30 minutes after every weightlifting session (5 times weekly). I'm not necessarily trying to increase my rowing condition, I'm just doing it for a solid cardio workout that stimulates more muscles than my legs. Low resistance though, can't over train muscles.

  13. man i row 6 per week 🙂 constantly in 3 mouths without one missing a day

  14. My wife and I were looking for low impact equipment to lose winter weight and gain some strength. I was wondering if these videos are for people who are rowing to train for the actual sport, or just rowing as exercise. I guess the fundamentals are the same.

  15. Dark Horse Rowing since I got back from a business trip I'm rowing 5k daily (8 consecutive days so far).

    Since getting back into C2 rowing I rowed
    4.5K in Jan
    100k in Feb
    48k so far in March (aiming for 125K)

    I've lost 16lb since January!

    My resting heart rate has gone from 71 to 54.

    I'm loving the challenge.

    I hope to row 5k x 25 days in March

    My stroke rate ave ~24/ min (focusing on quality)

    I have knocked 2 min off my best 5 k time from Feb. Definitely room for improvement.

    Aiming to do some interval training April to mix it up a bit.

    Thanks for the great videos and the inspiration! 👍😉

  16. I just started back rowing.
    I haven't really been on my C2 since 2010.

    Did just 4K the last week in January.
    >70K in Feb so far.
    I'm really enjoying it.
    I'm really focusing on technique keeping my stroke rake lower than I ever used to.

    I'm doing some high intensity 2k and 5K and seeing some improved times and my ability to sustain a pace I would have found punishing a month ago.

    Really enjoying your videos.

    I wonder if I'm overdoing it but I really look forward to my rowing sessions now even the high intensity workouts.

    Will start adding in some interval training sessions next week. I think variety is key and seeing steady improvement in technique and times.

    I want to work up towards doing a half marathon and maybe a full marathon by the end of the year.

  17. Stop asking the same crazy question. He's obviously talking to people that just started rowing. If you're a pro, you already know proper position (quality over quantity), and doing it every day for hours.

  18. Rahma Omar says:

    I'm attending this rowing competition in march and as I'm 14 I'd have to row for 4 minutes – my highest length is 947m. is there any way I could improve my lower back muscles? Thanks

  19. If you're talking about erging then I agree with you about two sessions every week. However, if you mean on-water training as well as indoor physical work, twice a week is far from enough.

  20. I just did my first 2K after an injured hand and a broken toe so I wasn't expecting greatness. I'm a collegiate rower so while my score wasn't good, now that I'll be erging 4 times a week for 80 minutes each day, I'm sure I'll improve quickly. I enjoy watching these videos because it's not cross fitters that think they know how to row when they don't really. So thanks for providing quality content. 🙂

  21. Twice a week. For how long each time ?

  22. I train 6 days a wee, but i guess you're talking about less serious people

  23. Seb Marks says:

    i train 4 -5 times a week and i am 15!

  24. holy only 2?! i have practise 4-5 a week, also do more out of that

  25. xiuminss says:

    when you say rowing twice a week do you just mean indoor? because at my club i do 2 ergs a week + weight and core and I'm on the water 4-5 times a week

  26. Valy says:

    2 times a week? I row 6-9 times a week. each time 5-20k

  27. shit I train twice a day every day

  28. AgtX999 says:

    Twice a week? what spm, what distance, what time per 500m? 10k twice a week would be the same as 2k five times a week? Whats the context?

  29. edinborogh says:

    i row 5 times a week. i love it. cant wait to go to the gym and row. it has been 3 months since i have started, lost weight, gain confidence, fell in love with rowing after hating every minute at the gym. rowing is awesome.

  30. Great video. Thanks

  31. carl green says:

    Well i row atleast 21k nearly every day. Is that too much??, i.m 39….my resting heart rate is sub 40 beats per minute after a good nights sleep….. |