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November 14, 2017
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November 14, 2017

HIIT Workout For Fat Loss

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Today’s Workout:

-20 sec jump rope run in place
-20 sec butt kicks
-20 sec jump rope fast skip
-20 sec pushups
-20 sec jump rope run in place
-20 sec jump squats
-20 sec jump rope fast skip
-20 sec air squats

**rest 10 seconds between exercises
**complete circuit 3-5x (3 beginner, 5 for advanced)

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Shapely Ideas to Make You Fit

Able to make physical fitness do the job? Wonderful time to get started! Wait around, how would you achieve that, how would you get moving? Don’t get worried, here are several physical fitness suggestions! This collection of advice should offer you just the right level of understanding and motivation to generate your own physical fitness regimen.

Yoga exercise is definitely a helpful physical fitness tool for individuals that can’t do high impact workouts on account of previous injury or any other joints troubles. The slow-moving movements of yoga and fitness, allow you to maintain full manage at all times of the strain to the bone and important joints, but nonetheless provides you with an extremely intensive work out.

To get a healthier diet plan, attempt restricting beef absorption to 1 day time every week. Fill up one other days with slimmer, healthier slashes of meat including fowl and seafood. Providing the body a number of meat will enable you to break down correctly and also to practical experience flavors that happen to be better for your personal inside physique.


  1. Guys how long will it take to get a physic like u guys

  2. BCAA's are just protein that is broken down…

  3. Id agree with your fasting to workout, but its been proven that if you take BCAA'S it will kick you out of the fast, right away.

  4. Hey guys mind if u can provide the link for the song you used in the beginning of the video the link in the description box isn't working and i am unable to find this song .??

  5. Why are there people who vote negative?, I will never understand.

    Thanks for the video, it will be my routine today.

  6. Mary' S says:

    Okay, I really like this kind of exercises I think they are so hard but i could do all of them .Please keep doing this you two are amazing .

  7. M Jamal says:

    Hiiii. Serious question:

    I wonder if I'm overdoing it. Last week I hurt my left calf (now it's okay), today I hurt
    my right calf. My hunch was that I'm probably overdoing it.. I normally do 1min of
    fast hop (both legs same time), rest 20s then 1min of run in place, rest 20s then 1min
    of the fast hop, 20s rest then 1min of run in place.

    I did warm up today but on the 4th set my right leg gave up. It normally does on the
    run in place since I'm still learning the technique and going slower than the hop.

    Thoughts? Tips?

    Think I'll try the HIIT approach next time, as soon as my right calf is back in action.

  8. Noah Gann says:

    Whas that conner maccregger dude he kicks ass

  9. Rochelle R says:

    Can you guys do a video for us middle age beginner gals? I find it hard doing the bounce can do 20sec and have to stop. I try doing the skip but not sure I'm doing it right think I'm jumping too high. Find myself doing the double bounce like you always say not to but it's only way I can continue longer than 20sec. I need you suggestions please.

  10. kevkailiu says:

    Do you guys ever do any shoulders with your rope routines??? I don't see any shoulders. How do you guys maintain such chiseled shoulders??? Dude, you guys are freaking awesome. You always answer questions, and I really believe that is how your word spreads like wildfire. You guys are awesome. Keep motivating people.

  11. Hi guys i am new to this channel, but i already love it and have subscribed. I plan to do these workouts for the month of July and see how well i progress with my fitness goals.

  12. Hey Zen dude! Just started jumping and I'm loving the workouts. Not sure of the editing possibilities on you tube, but it would be SUPER helpful if you could add a button at the end of the workout that skips back to the beginning of the workout- preferably with the correct amount of rest time. Thanks! Keep up the good work.

  13. if you can't do the fast skip can you substitute it with a different style?

  14. How many calories could I lose everyday by doing the circuit 5 times at high intensity. It would really help me out to know… Thx ZD

  15. You guys know if I can buy CrossRopes in Colombia?

  16. guys, what if I #dothething fasted but don't consume any BCAAs or proteins or supplements of any kind?

  17. Stewart L says:

    Is it bad form if I'm practically butt kicking during jump rope or if my knees come high? Keeping the feet low looks cool but when I do that I don't feel like I'm getting as much of a work out as I should be.

  18. do you really need a rope to do jump rope. can't one mimic the jump rope action?

  19. Luke Mark says:

    What up playyyyyyyers…!

  20. can I get these BCAAs in the UK

  21. What is that trick you did at3:25 fast skip part ?

  22. finished 😀 4 times 😀 nice workout

  23. How do you preserve your rope? I've gotten myself one months ago but it's all wringly due constantly rolling it up whenever Im done. Im constantly stuck with my left feet after few jumps.. Any rope you would advise me for HIIT and learnign tricks? (can only do regular rope skip atm.. still practicing)

  24. Should I drink water while working out?

  25. I just bought a jump rope I want to say 2 weeks ago and I am already getting a little bit addicted ! Great video !!!

  26. really is this work? only this workout program use and ı am fatburn? just only this workout and weight loss ?

  27. logan logu says:

    wat is the total inch for this rope???

  28. ARoberts says:

    Trying this one, today.. Very 'gwed workout  fo dose buzy daze! 🙂  Also, I love how I never need an interval timer.  Its like doing the workout with a coach.  Thanks, dudes! Best Wishes, Deet

  29. I want to lose the fat i have but build muscle and get near Zach Efron's physique from Baywatch. So do i just focus on losing fat first and getting lean?

  30. how long before the workout should we take the BCAAs.?

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