Full Day Of Eating | Smith Machine Leg/Glute Workout

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June 29, 2017
Prepare for the Fat Loss Challenge Pt2
June 29, 2017

Full Day Of Eating | Smith Machine Leg/Glute Workout

Great Advice for Getting Shape

Starting a workout schedule is often a tough move. Many people have amounts of time if they are working out and doing exercises and then one thing tosses them off, an injury, an unsatisfactory feeling or a hectic time at work. After the split, it’s tough to get started again. And others have in no way begun a workout schedule. This informative article supplies some suggestions in order to get going on a workout schedule.

There’s something about music that gets your body moving. No one can resist dancing to an infectious beat or and addictive song blasting on the radio. You really need to incorporate music you enjoy into your exercise program. Turn up the music and get moving. Music can help you feel more alive and energized while working out, which enables you to perform at higher levels for an extended period of time.

When starting to lift up dumbbells to become in shape you must make sure you begin small. If you consider you’re proceeding in order to lift up such as a pro, that is difficult. You need to construct the muscle tissues up by tearing the muscle tissues that happen to be currently there. When they regrow, they regrow and have the ability to carry a lot more excess weight.


  1. What lipstick are you wearing in the beginning?! PS You are SO BEAUTIFUL! <3

  2. Am I the only one thinking she looks like a blonde keira knightley?

  3. Liza Koshy says:

    You filmed ''tis on my birthday yayayayyaya

  4. Can you do a review on all the protien powders from aldi/lidil

  5. what type of extensions do you have? they look so natural and blend well you can't even tell they are extentions

  6. Im really curious knowing the calories of products , there was an example it says 469 kJ / 113 kcal in that vanilla ice cream , so I know that kcal means kilo calories which means 1 kcal is 1000 calories, and Im realllyyyyy confused how can it have about 113000 calories ? and also in other products , like if someone would actually explain this to me that would be fantastic, Hopefully someone understood a word I said.

  7. I'm subbing! You're amazing. ❤

  8. Does anyone know what she does for living, her job/career??

  9. Ryan Casey says:

    Hi Sian your absolutely gorgeous

  10. I bought the black gym shark leggings and they are extremely see through (more so than tights!) I want to buy a new pair so are there any you recommend that are a similar fit but not sheer in any way?

  11. annixoxo says:

    What brand of extensions do you wear? They look really good!

  12. literally all fitness athletes have a cat or dog, not seen many with a child! x

  13. I'm Irish but have never been to Ireland- live in USA– could you show us around Dublin?

  14. What's the lipstick you're wearing?

  15. Alpro is ice-cream it just doesn't have pus in it

  16. Maybe you should use another word for cutting down on fat, because the it sounds like your self-harming.

  17. Hi Sian! Can you possibly do a fitness journey video of how your body was when first started to where you are now? Also another video of your diet and exercise routine. Love your videos! You're an inspiration

  18. what do you use to edit your videos ? p.s you look so pretty as always !! x

  19. Agile Cock says:

    Your very pleasant to look at and listen to. Thanks for the great tips. Earned a new subscriber : )

  20. Loving the videos! Keep it up Sian

  21. Alix burns says:

    What foundation do you use??

  22. Love this Sian! xx

  23. pretty interestin', thanks

  24. Sultan says:

    I workout like bench press and weighted squats and I want to gain muscle. and loose fat. and also lose tummy fat. I don't know how?

  25. Chimon says:

    So it tastes like ice cream and has the same consistency like ice cream but… you refuse to call it that? Did dairy claim the term ice cream? It's vegan ice cream goddamit

  26. she is basically starving herself even the smallest dog has a better appetite than that :d

  27. Where are you from your accent is questionable

  28. Muito bonita ela 😊

  29. I ask you to add subtitles in Turkish

  30. Lucia GGab says:

    When you post could you possibly tell us how many reps and sets you are doing for each exercise? Also the weight you are using? That would be so helpful! 🙂

  31. Thanks for the video

  32. I love your vlogs and I love that u let us know what you eat. your so beautiful

  33. As I'm watching this , I'm laying in bed eating Takis …

  34. Just come across your channel very nice , your in great shape where abouts you from?

  35. love your lip color! what is it ? God Bless!

  36. Just Do It says:

    if its brown you're going for, you're going to look shit. Stick to blondes or idk pink, anything but brown.

  37. Alanoud says:

    How many grams of protein are u consuming ?!

  38. DjTak3On3 says:

    Go Get em ! this girl is dominating the fitness scene!

  39. Those leggings are so cute! I definitely need to order some😍

  40. The side squat with the Smith machine is a killer!! 🤗🤗

  41. What is that accent?

  42. Shelly says:

    GO VEGAN💪🏼❤️❤️

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