Full Body Workout: No Comfort Zone #2 by Jori

June 21, 2017
Incredible Fat Burning Aerobic Step Exercises!
June 21, 2017

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Full Body Workout: No Comfort Zone #2 by Jori
16″ elv

1. 20 Swings
2. 10 Right Arm Staggered Push-ups
3. 15 Swings
4. 10 Left Arm Staggered Push-ups
5. 10 KB Swings
6. 10 Tricep Push-ups (both hands on single DB)
7. 10 A$$ to Grass Squats (Standing on BOSU)
8. 10 Straddle Squat Jumps On/Off BOSU
9. 20 (total) Pendulum Forward/Backward Jump Switch Lunge

Part #1: 50:10, x2 Rounds 12 minutes 
1. Knees on Sliders- backload Abduct In/Out x2 + Kneeling Hip Thrust
2. 3x Curtsy Pulse Right + x1 Narrow Squat Jump
3. 3x Curtsy Pulse Left + x1 Narrow Squat Jump
4. Squat Combo Move=you are “hopping” from move to move): Narrow Squat + Wide Squat + Narrow Squat + Rev. Lunge Right + Rev. Lunge Left 
5. X & O Abs x1 + Cross Toe touches
6. Rollback to Squat – stay in low squat, Tuck Jump from squat, land low in squat, Rollback and repeat

Part #2: Tabata Pairs: 20:10 8x
Pair#1: 4 minutes
1. 5 Wall-ups (or donkey kick) + Bear Crawl Out + 5 Push-ups + Bear Crawl Back 
2. Bear Crawl Hold donkey kickback and tricep pushup
Pair #2: 20:10 8x 4 minutes 
1. Front Squat x2 + 1 Box Jump (put weights down)
2. Crab Toe Touch x4 + Flip Over for x2 Push-ups
Pair#3: 20:10 8x 4 minutes 
1. Forward fold Hand slider pike to plank and  push-up :
2. Tricep Push-up Hold and slider jack legs (in hold then push-up) 
Pair #4: 20:10 8x. 4 mins 
1. Elevated Plank Knee Tuck L/R + Push-up + Oblique Hip Dip Right + Push-up + Oblique Hip Dip Left
2. Push-up Row Right + Push-up Row Left + Right Knee to Right Elbow + Left Knee to Left Elbow
Part #3: Strength (Reps)
1. 10 Rev. Lunge + SA Press (same arm and leg)
2. 10 Rev. Lunge + SA Press
3. 8 Side Plank Leg Lift + Shoulder Press
4. Same as above but on the Right (8 reps)
5. 10 RL Curtsy Lunge w/ SA Upright Row (do row at same time you curtsy)
6. 10 LL Curtsy Lunge w/ SA Upright Row
7. 10 DL to Narrow Arm Row
8. 10 RA Sumo Squat + SA Sword Pull
9.10 LA Sumo Squat + SA Sword Pull
10. 8 OH Squat Press Crunch: Squat down w/ weights OH, stand up and lift RL forward crunch
11. 10 alt Squat knee up and Punch
12. 10 Renegade Row Knee Tuck in Plank

Part 4: Strength & Cardio Mixer: 10 Exercises, 1 Round, 40:10
1. DL
2. Chest Press
3. Mtn. Climbers
4. KB Goblet Squat
5. Rear Delt Flys
6. KB Swing
7. DB Alt. Forward Lunges
8. DB Renegade Rows
9. Burpee w/ Push-up (weighted)
10. V-ups

Part 5: Couplets: Each 2x
1. Squat Couplet: 10 Back Load Squats // 10 plank hops
2. SA Couplet: 5x Snatch Squat + Press (all one move=1 rep) // 10 Bent Over SA Fly (RA first round, LA second round)
3. Oblique Couplet: 10 Side Plank dips // 10 Oblique Crunches on BOSU (lay on side against ball)

Part 6: Leg Blitz Finisher:
1. Squat (20 reps) / Finish w/ 10 Squat pulses
2. Stationary Lunge (15 reps) Left Leg / Finish w/ 10 Lunge pulses
3. Stationary Lunge (15 reps) Right Leg / Finish w/ 10 Lunge pulses
4. Squat Jumps (20 reps)
5. Reverse Lunges (15 reps/leg)
6. Curtsy Lunges (15 reps/leg)

Part 7: 5 Min. AMRAP:
3 Burpee w/Push-up + Bicep Curl
4 Alt. Shoulder Taps w/Push-up
5 Squat Jumps
5 Star Jacks
10 Elbow Plank Hip Dips
20 High Knees (1=1)

Part 8: 40/20 Challenge (40 sec Cardio followed by 20 Rep Strength)
1. Mtn. Climbers (40 sec)
2. 20 reps Alt. Hammer Curl to Wide Curl = 1 rep
3. Burpees w/ Push-up
4. 20 reps Chest Press from Floor
5. Alt. Rev. Lunge + Hinge Kick
6. 20 reps Shoulder Press (elbows stay level with shoulders, do not come down toward arm pits)
7. Flutter Kicks
8. 20 Bent Over Row

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  1. Finally got around to this. I needed a day I had a lot of energy! 1:36 including rests 🙂 I always also include the yoga & stretching I do after as "workout time", b/c it's part & parcel, so total time for today's workout was 1:55 with a burn of 686.

  2. i do workouts with alot of different trainers zuzka light, bodyrock melissa ioja, and so on but i gotta tell ya your stuff is awsome the workout moves u do i have not seen in any of there workouts for instance the one move u do its not in this workout but its a kettlebell swing and then u do a curtsy lunge with a swing thats diffferent and then the knee sliders is different so u go girl think im gonna be doing ur workouts for a while

  3. Oxana says:

    Great workout, lots of sweat, I literally used all the workout gear I own! Knees on Sliders- backload Abduct In/Out x2 + Kneeling Hip Thrust was an awkward move for me, it actually hurt my knees, so I did weighted hip thrusts instead. Thank you ladies <3 xxx

  4. Kanchana says:

    This was great and I loved it.Thanks Julia n Jori for this challenging workout. Happy Sunday ladies!!

  5. My favorite move was the sumo squat/sword pulls. So wanted to stop at 1 hour, but did the whole thing this morning! Thanks for the upload! It was very challenging and my workout clothes were soaked with sweat! xoxo (As a side note: I am hoping I can walk tomorrow !!! 😍

  6. I loved this!!! Thankyou jori and Julia! Such a lovely gift in my notifications!😁❤️ it was exactly what I needed this morning

  7. Good morning +Jori and and +Julia! I just did this workout at 6:30am! Ok. Besides being DRENCHED in sweat now, oh my BURNING LEGS!!! I think Part 1 and Part 6 were leg killers! And even the "warm up" was not really a warmup! LOL! LEGS and ARMS are SO DONE NOW! LOVED how my whole body, especially my legs, had to work really hard to keep good form and pace! SO TIRED but feeling SO GOOD now! Thank you SO SO MUCH Jori and Julia again for making these challenging workouts! Have a wonderful day! 🙂

  8. Yay! Thank you for a great surprise! Jori and Julia this was killer! I really had to dig deep. Yesterday was my heavy leg day so from the beginning my legs were screaming. I probably should have waited but was too excited. I loved the strength, couplets, and 40/20. I completely loathed the tabata (but in a good way😁). I feel beastly! Thanks so much! Have a great day!

  9. Thanks so much, this will be perfect for a weekend workout. Can't wait to do it tomorrow morning!

  10. Jori says:

    Thank you Julia!!

  11. It was brutal for me. I also tried it with my vest but put it off for
    the push ups and some upper body moves as I often get pain in my upper
    back then). I also burnt 640 cal. So Noah and me are almost the same 😉 It took
    me 1.40 h with some breaks to towel off and have a drink.

  12. i have just finished it, this was great! i liked every single part, every single move! you made me smile by the warm up, it was a more than that 🙂. thank you girls, you made my day!!!

  13. What a surprise! I really didn't expect an upload today! This was AWESOME!! I am half dead, but very very happy! Amazing workout! I did it with my vest on and burnt 665 cal! Thank you ladies!!

  14. Lenula says:

    This was the very best Saturday surprise I could get 🙂 Amazing workout, it felt like three tough workouts in one… ladies, you did an awesome job again! 🙂

  15. Not going to lie from reading the breakdown this workout looks complex/complicated but I think I will like it. Something else I am not going to lie about is that I ave not done the first one. Maybe I will try this one tomorrow! Thanks Jori and thanks Julia!

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