TRX Kick Ass ‘N Abs Workout
June 17, 2017
zumba dance workout for belly fat step by step great zumba dance workout
June 17, 2017

Equipment Needed: 5-8lb weights

Warm Up
Jumping Jacks
Weight Swing
Kneeling Mntn Clmbr Stretch

– Press Press Crunch Crunch (8 reps)
– Marching Punches (10 reps)
– Squat Laterals + Side Leg Raise (weights stay bent at sides for squat, then lift, 8 ea side)
– High Knees (holding one weight, 16 reps)

– 3 sets (pause video)

– Reverse Lunge to Double Kick Back (don’t come to stand, weights curled to shoulder, reverse lunge, forward kick arms & leg back) 8 ea leg
– Forward Lunge Press (press at standing, weights stay bent at shoulders for lunge) 8 reps ea leg
– Side Lunge – Side Lunge – Curl (both weights hang inbtwn legs, then curl at center) 8 Reps
– Squat Touch Down Punch Forward (both weights) 8 Reps

– 3 sets (pause video)

Cardio Burst 20 Sec, 10 Sec

– Jumping Jack Presses
– Squat Jump Hammer Curl Reach (both weights, bent to shoulders, when jump up extend weights overhead)
– Running in Place w/ Weights
– Criss Cross Climbers

– 3 sets

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When working out, don’t rush by means of excess weight or standard physical exercise reps. To get the best result, do them slowly. Be sure to may actually notice the resistance. Try to refrain from doing them as quickly as possible. It is a common error for folks to create after they get as well tired.

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