Format Chaos Workout

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June 18, 2017
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June 18, 2017

Format Chaos Thanks to Lenula
Tabata Pair warm up: 8 rounds 20/10 of
1. Burpees w. tuck jump
2. Weighted jump lunges

AMRAP: 2 minutes of
Jump forward+ 2 tuck jump
Squat and Kick (2) + jump backward+ 2 heel clicks

Reps: 3 rounds of
20 squat and press
20 deadlifts w. row
20 front lunges w. curls
20 back lunges w. headbanger

Arms HIIT: 50:10 (each move 2 times before moving onto the next one)
1. Manmakers
2. Plank rows to triceps kickbacks
3. 4 press up jacks to 4 plank jacks
4. Front and side dumbbell raise in plank
5. Triceps push up burpee to a heel grab
6. 2 hooks, 2 uppercuts, 2 tucks

Legs HIIT: 50:10 (each move 2 times before moving onto the next one)
1. 3 lateral jump lunges and switch
2. 1- leg deadlift to step up w. back kick
3. Kneel down/up and side squat
4. 4 side lunge jumps to 4 skaters
5. Rollback pistol squats
6. Bulgarian lunge to knee tuck (or hop)

Core HIIT: 50:10 (each move 2 times before moving onto the next one)
1. Burpee to side plank dip
2. V ups
3. Donkey kick to knee tuck to tuck jump
4. 4 sit ups w. press up to 4 russian twists
5. Elevated frogger to alt. knee to elbow
6. jugglers

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  1. Amy Wyeth says:

    Nice workout, I had fun doing it ! I liked the format, perfect to not get bored and easy to follow. Thanks for sharing, keep up the good work !

  2. Loved this!!! Please do more work outs like this <3
    Thanks Lenula and Julia!!!

  3. That weights section was tough! I'm used to doing hiit before weighted sections so it was extra challenging especially after yesterday's Olympic workout! But those lateral raises in plank form…tough!

  4. Major sweat-fest!! This workout was intensely amazing! Loved the format switch-ups, made the workout fly by (like my sweat! Haha!) Thank you Lenula for the creation and thank you Julia for doing it with us!

  5. +Lenula Wow… brutal. Thank you! I really liked the kneeling to side squat move! Although there were a lot of good moves, that was my favorite. Thank you and thank you +Fitbodybyulia… Way to push through with a weighted vest. Mine hasn't come yet otherwise I would have attempted it!

  6. Loved this one !!! Thanks to Julia and Lenula

  7. Julia I love your workouts, they are really challenging. Keep up the great work

  8. churchl8e says:

    This was a great format! The strength moves were tough! Julia, you are a beast on the squat and press! Thanks ladies!

  9. never thought I'd see the day I welcomed 2 rounds of jugglers as a rest! Julia & Lenula are the evil geniuses of the workout world;)

  10. Once again you killed me! Great sweaty start to my week! Thank you so much!

  11. did this workout today.. excellent! I also loved the core with.. the burpee to t stand and dip.. yeah! and I can do it! thanks lenula and Julia! looks like the vest is it hit… seemed to challenge u and that is what it's all about. u could stay max to your back for a cheaper option…;-)

  12. Lenula, great workout! Perfect for ppl that need to switch up the routine constantly 🙂 julia, thanks for doing it. absolutely love these hardcore workouts!

  13. Lenula says:

    Julia, it is an honour for this workout to be done by such a tough fitness chick like you 🙂 It was amazing, and you rocked that weighted vest!

  14. Finally back home. This looks great. I first bought the 12 pound vest but found it was too heavy for me. I struggled too much and my form was awful. I bought a 8 pound vest ( Target has it) and it is so much better for me. I can keep it on the entire workout maintaining good form. Trying to decide what workout to do tomorrow since I missed having my weights with me on vacation. Will let you know how I manage with my 8 pound vest with this one.

  15. n temoor says:

    I got really sore shoulders from the press up jacks with weights from stairway to heaven legs workout." As I did that yesterday. It's in this one aswel Ouch;)

  16. n temoor says:

    What's the added benefit of wearing a weighted vest for workouts?

  17. lenula my fitness friend this looks so cool! Julia I would like to hear how the weighted vest works for u… can u add weight or take it away?

  18. i use my vest upside down, i think it's better by the jumpings |