For Quick Weight Loss… My Bike Workout Better Than Spin & Soulcycle

PECK DECK for CHEST! (Hindi / Punjabi)
June 12, 2017
3 minute Intensive Fat-loss routine 2017
June 12, 2017

For Quick Weight Loss… My Bike Workout Better Than Spin & Soulcycle

More bike workouts for quick weight loss:

My bike HIIT workouts are in my opinion way better than spin or soulcycle workouts for people who want quick or rapid weight loss results without paying high prices

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  1. J Holmes says:

    Losing 1 pound a day or 10 pounds a week is pretty fast. How do I prevent muscle loss?

  2. Adrian Bryant, could you PLEASE do some more one hour workouts??? YOU, Sir, are the best thing to happen to fitness.

  3. How many time a week and how many times for the day to lose weight in a month?

  4. Hey!!! question if i do this workout on higher resistance will the weight loss be even faster???

  5. Adrian I just started this bike workout and finding it really good . But I have a question for you what intestacy do you have the bike on when your pedalling ?

  6. just finished this tonight! tired!!!!

  7. That's  really effective. Very Nice and realistic video. Simple bike, no gym, only do-it-at-home workout session called Interval Training…
    Its GOOOD….

  8. hey Adrian 🙂 my goal is not to lose weight it's really just trying to get some gains on my legs so if i do this on the highest tension level will i get there? thanks 🙂

  9. how many pounds do you think I can lose in 30 days doing this workout?

  10. Hey Adrian. Love your intermittent fasting video. I actually tried this just a while back and I do agree it works. I quit it and my belly came back so you have me motivated to get back to it. I'm 63 year old female. I'm 5 ft 9 and I weigh 229 lbs. I show horses and I need a better core to compete better. I have alittle issue with my knee but not too much so im wondering what you would suggest for exercising during my fasting? I don't have an exercise bike but I can get one. Thanks so much and keep up the great videos.

  11. can i use stepper?

  12. Yaahboi52 says:

    I have a workout room but the different bike that's more lower stationed. Could I still do the workout with it? And how much resistance should I put on?

  13. Adrian! What are your settings on the stationary bike? 🙂

  14. Adrian Bryant I broke my bike today but it was worth it coz I lost 22 lbs in 10 weeks…I love your workouts you keep me motivated…

  15. Finally dusted off my stationary bike and did this, didn't think i could do it but i did, didn't even seem like a half hour. I'm 5'7 300lbs would like to lose 100lbs will do this every day twice a day and also walking till I reach my goal. Thank you very much for all your videos, they really are a great help.

  16. Hey adrian im 5'9 and weigh 195how many times should i be doing this workout

  17. completed this workout for the first time today…wow… I'm so energetic. it almost kicked my butt halfway into it but I made it. I had to conjure up energy I didn't know I had. i sweated like hog… i really needed this workout. And had enuff energy to complete my weight lifting. Thank you Adrian.i will incorporate this in my daily training permanently.

  18. Tze Qi Ang says:

    What's the difference between all 3 30min bike videos? And which would you recommend?

  19. Adrian Bryant I love the videos they look fun and not to hard.. is 30 minutes of half court basketball considered a hight intensity workout?

  20. Debmun1215 says:

    Ooooooweeee! I don't have a bike yet but I will be doing this on my treadmill!

  21. Sinberg says:

    i have asthma and trying to help on it with your workouts, helps a lot i could do the whole thing on the highest tension… thanks a lot :DDD

  22. doing this with the bike that has handle,s the sht is tough but i wont give up

  23. Is there a way I can get the a paper version of this workout, I would like to jam out to some music lol

  24. im a female and I'm 6'0 and my weight is 230 will it be good if I do this work out At least 3 or 4 days of the week? and should I only do it once??

  25. How does the bike help weight loss and what area. it seems like my body don't feel nothing or maybe l'm not doing it right…Anyone please respond..I use to be a runner so maybe I'm expecting the same body avhes as the bikes…Thank you, sincery response

  26. How much resistance should be on the bike?

  27. Im trying to do the emergency weight loss what video of u do you recommend to lose fat more? |