Flexibility flow for DEEPER BACKBENDS!

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June 17, 2017
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June 17, 2017

Flexibility flow for DEEPER BACKBENDS!

Follow along with some of my favorite movements and stretches for back flexibility 🙂

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[Flow With Adee] I am a registered yoga teacher with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Movement is essential to a happy, healthy lifestyle and I believe there is a form of movement for everyone. With roots in dance, much of my yoga is free flowing and therefore looks different on every body. That is the beauty of it! Allow your body to MOVE YOU. I hope my classes can provide you some peace and a time to tune in to your body and let go. xx



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  1. Your yoga videos have increased my flexibility, and decreased my stress levels so much, thank you

  2. Kati Ha says:

    wow, I'm doing a lot of yoga videos on youtube but this was incredible! My back feels soooo good! thanks alot!

  3. ADEE, I love take out to lunch, I say that with extreme respect..
    thanks for this amazing yoga videos, please don't stop making them, enjoy your day beautiful

  4. Tes says:

    Thank you so much! I really enjoyed the cobra – child movements <33

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  6. The best yoga channel on YouTube. Thank you for the huge work you dou. Adee, you're wonderful. 💜

  7. this girls face is not all that but her body…..WOW

  8. Gam Bini says:

    Love the manicure pedicures!

  9. Loving your videos. Really helping me to loosen up my tight hips. Absolute beginner but noticing the difference and progress.cheers.

  10. Loving your videos. Really helping me to loosen up my tight hips. Absolute beginner but noticing the difference and progress.cheers.

  11. dave bond says:

    I'm still in it Dave Liverpool

  12. CT says:

    i love these yoga pants

  13. LivSimple says:

    I honestly wonder just how much sexual energy she builds up from doing this!.. It HAS to happen!.. The movements and poses are too sensual and erotic for a person to not create a lot of "excited" flowing energy……Or maybe it's been too long of a hiatus for me and she just made me realize that! KMSL 😀

  14. Luiza M says:

    does this help with back pain?

  15. A Singh says:

    Just what I need… thank you.

  16. Sexy, that was awesome keep it up 😊🌹

  17. Thank you gr8 exercise

  18. my first time to try wheel pose on elbows sucessfully 🙂 Thanks so much!

  19. Hey Adee! I guess this was the best stretches I did so far here with your channel. Thanks a lot! I loved it. My back appreciates ^^

    The tips you gave at 9:20, was JUST what I needed for my posture. You guided it perfectly. Sometimes I find it hard to put my shoulder blades "where they should belong", but your guidance was just great!
    I only had major difficulties on the last movement. Coulnd't do it :/ (YET hehe)

    Thanks a lot once again.

  20. R Black says:

    ok watch most of video very cool…

  21. R Black says:

    Very healthy person…

  22. R Black says:

    Thank you for making this Fantastic video watched maybe half really enjoy learning…

  23. Shay Mayo says:

    definitely got something OUT (of this video)

  24. love those pants 🙂

  25. OMG girl, I am absolutely in love with your wrought iron railings!

  26. Thank you for your positiveness 🙂

  27. n says:

    Thank you, Adee! You are great with your flow creations (sequencing), detail, and instruction. 🙂

  28. And HOW exactly am I NOT supposed to have a boner right now?? 0:15 fucking shit man, this woman is killin me!!

  29. Edi Mejia says:

    belliisima gracias from Monterrey mexico.

  30. You are awesome, thank you!!!

  31. Marnu B says:

    Sensual as fuck 🙂

  32. Thank you so much for this flow, I've never felt such flexibility in my spine 🙂 <3

  33. wow, love your videos! you deserve so many subscribers!

  34. delicious woman. yum

  35. Where are your leggings from??

  36. Wow, this is the best yoga flow I've ever tried! When you replied to my comment on another video recommending me this one I felt like I had to do it and now after 20 mins of stretching I feel great! Thank you so much for motivating me 😘

  37. That was a wonderful flow 🙂 But I have some questions: Is ist normal, that the back feels so … weird after doing backbends? I am really used to stretching my legs, shoulders, etc. but I only have this after backbends (no matter how intense they are). It feels like my back is weaker and not as stable as before,
    The second thing is that I am having major problems with pressing myself into wheel pose (I have exceptionally weak arms). I have no problems being in the wheel pose once I got there (for example by walking my hands down the wall). Do you have any tips for that?
    I am really happy, that I found your channel, because your videos are exactly what I searched for in yoga. Keep on doing these great flows 🙂 You deserve way more suscribers

  38. Thanks! This is exactly what I needed….. from 3:404:15!!! My hips are not yet there…. sfe2e!!!

  39. It is amazing class! Thank you so much! My favorite poses are downdog, cat/cow, upward dog and backbends…so I love your style, I love your practice! It inspired me!

  40. Thank you for this excellent mindful Backbend Flow! It was so wonderful for my Shoulders and the back. I never feeled so good in camelpose before and the wheel feeled suddenly so easy.

  41. Pale Horse says:

    Very Nice moves, awesome leggings, exceptional body shape. Thank you.

  42. Alex Smith says:

    you're beautiful like your flow 🙂

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