Fix Your Bulgarian Split Squat | Squat Leg & Booty Workout | Abby Pollock

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June 5, 2017
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June 5, 2017

Fix Your Bulgarian Split Squat | Squat Leg & Booty Workout | Abby Pollock

Official Abby Pollock video of Fix Your Bulgarian Split Squat | Squat Leg & Booty Workout.
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About Abby Pollock:

Abby Pollock is a 23-year-old fitness lover living in Toronto, Canada. Pollock is a Mechanical Engineer that has created a successful business off of her love for fitness. Changing people’s lives daily and implying combative workouts and meal plans to achieve their weight goals.

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  2. is this exercise suitable for relative beginners?

  3. Cable glute pull throughs

  4. Jazzy W says:

    Overhead squats!

  5. TRICEP workout pleaseeeee

  6. Does anyone else feel these in the thigh of the non-working leg? Is this supposed to happen?

  7. I was walk lunging today and I thought I would step forward but to the side to make it like I would call in a sumo lunge. Is this bad for my back or hips?

  8. It was perfect! Congratulations! An amazing explanation and details.

  9. Nik Mem says:

    thanks for the educational content,

  10. Galaxy Cat says:

    1:49 appears you messed the lettering placement lol

  11. Great video! I need to find the one you did on inner thigh workouts if you have it. I am curious to hear your opinion. I LOVE doing bulgarian squats to target my hamstring and butt. Still finding the position that targets these muscles best on my body type. Really appreciate you sharing your thoughts. <3

  12. dina Mac says:

    thank you very much for this informative video

  13. Jennifer F says:

    I'm ridiculously struggling with hip thrusts – i never feel them in my glutes and don't know why

  14. Hello Abby. Im so glad that i found you on youtube. Since the last 3-4 weeks that im watching your videos I must say i feel more inspired and creative about my trainings. I also wanna say that i never knew that those squats you show on the video are called Bulgarian split squats. I clicked on the video cause i liked the title (im Bulgarian).
    So i have a question for you. Can you recommend some exercise for the inside part of the hips. I know this is a tuff area to work on, but i hope you can help me out here!
    Smoothie cheers

  15. Me encantan tus vídeos, aunque no entiendo el inglés…. me gustaría que fuesen en español, gracias por tus explicaciones muy detalladas👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  16. I disagree with too far position. For sprinters that is the best thing to do.

  17. i would say something i have trouble with is keeping my hips level during a donkey kick and/or standing kick backs

  18. I still struggle with pull downs. I don't quite feel them in my lats like I'm supposed to…

  19. For some reason, I feel my split squats often in the quad of my non-working leg. I think this has to do with using the muscle to stay stable on the bench and my super tight quads which make staying close to the bench difficult. Any thoughts?

  20. Eva Dahlin says:

    I really want to know the correct form for barbell cleans!

  21. I've been really struggling with my squat form, I'm not sure if it's due to lacking hip mobility or lacking ankle mobility, but I also am unable to do the "third world squat" (sitting at the bottom of a deep squat without completely shifting my weight to to balls of my feet/heels coming off of the ground). I'm not sure how to fix that and improve my range of motion and technique in my squat, I would love some help with that! Love your channel!

  22. Probably super beginner, but proper push up form!

  23. Thanks !! Wish you could workout with me

  24. Love the video, my ankles recently are feeling "weak", not sure why but what exercises would help them?

  25. Irma Lalka says:

    I struggle with hiptrust , I never know if I m doing it right

  26. Is there a difference between pre workout and bcaa?

  27. jebblles says:

    Please do a video on working the back, other than pull ups… Well maybe working up to pull ups X X

  28. bambi says:

    push ups or planks

  29. Megan T says:

    I struggle with side planks so much 😤😭

  30. justJade_ says:

    this is very helpful! I struggle with squats and the scientific background info deff puts things into perspective

  31. My lunges feel horrible😓🤧

  32. Anna T says:

    Love it how you do an engineering break down of the exercise!! Super helpful and makes it easier to understand. Totally a fan of such videos, would love to see more!! |