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May 31, 2017
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Fitness training to lose fat
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Wing Chun martial arts master shows how to lose fat, fast! Martial Arts Master and athlete Samuel Ericson show the best fitness exercises for fat loss. Real Martial Arts master teaches no gym required resistance exercises for fat loss, health, fitness, cardio, push up, squat, jumping jack, six pack exercises. Fitness training workout from home with Samuel Ericson and Martial Arts Master, Master Wong.

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Getting in Shape One Step at a Time

Becoming in shape can dramatically impact your lifestyle. It can improve your feeling, your vigor as well as your self-confidence. You are going to truly feel well informed and become in a better position to deal with everyday life. This post will offer you some suggestions on ways to make which a reality.

The power somebody positions inside their individual exercise actions will determine how successful they can be at increasing physical fitness. The greater number of 1 pushes their body in the course of exercise the greater number of it is going to develop. One should provide a 100 percentage to truly test on their own and challenge their bodies limitations, increasing them at the same time.

Health and fitness doesn’t ought to involve day-to-day outings to a health club or having salad for each dinner. If you make a few modifications daily, you will be moving toward getting the fittest body and mind of your life! Remember the tips in this article to become a more healthy model of on your own.


  1. Demma says:

    Only reason i'm watching these stuff is cause i have been crazy over Naruto so i want to fight now and become stron

  2. that plank push up is an absolute killer

  3. Batman says:

    Master Wong, how to lose fat for beginners?

  4. Batman says:

    Master Wong, how to lose fat for beginners?

  5. Poyer Poia says:

    i watching u i burn fat myself lol…MasterWong

  6. master Wong is so funny but he teaches u so much 😂

  7. firs 3 days were painful then i m doing this ezz ty

  8. Davejimjr says:

    will i have any elbows/shoulders left when im 30 with the elbow push ups? seem to do alot of crackin when i do them 😀

  9. yuch1102 says:

    I can't do this shit at home because I live on the second floor apartment…damn it

  10. Potator says:

    hay i would love to know your recommendation for exercises to jump higher.

  11. dante 541 says:

    please help me!I'm physically weak and I want to know how to build a normal normal body
      And I do not have the courage to fight. I've seen all your vidios but i dont know how to use these moves .Please help me

  12. Within seven days, I was able to shed more than 10 lbs. Google “sowo amazing plan” to find out more. Google provided me some amazing suggestions.

  13. I hope your training works master I'll use your moves ☯

  14. oh my god Master Wong 😂😂 you are so funny. I've been watching your videos for some time and I can see you give great lessons. I love how you keep it real and use logistics and real world examples but keep it funny every now and then. Great vids! Don't worry, I subscribed so I won't be any one's bitch

  15. yoooooooo. Young boy A Problemmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Master Wong I love you but come on you call those push ups? What the hell was that

  17. My lost fat is now fully trained.

  18. move when I do I was weak very effective system master wong fitnnes

  19. when you sweat your ass crying HAHA Master Wong funny

  20. lucky ass bitch i want to do some of that niceness

  21. Asif says:

    Master Wong im start dieting , is it helpful to lose fat? i also do some home workout….

  22. I like your wisdom master Wong… Burn that fat ass…. Make that ass Cry…. Fat people make yours ass cry fat bastards…

  23. flamezorr says:

    is he related to leif erikson

  24. Master wong so I recently started taking muay thai classes and your videos are awsome I like how you have knowlege of difrent marcial arts

  25. AFR1uk says:

    Omfg the 'wth' spin round at 0:40 fuckin killed me

  26. Saul Moses says:

    I want to see Master Wong vs Bruce Lee (or a really strong dude) |