Fit Is Hit | Lose 10 KG in 30 days | Training Video | Fitness 2017

How to Shrink Your Waist & Lose Belly Fat | The Truth
October 13, 2017
Model Workout: Trx core fat burning workout with Abby Champion
October 13, 2017

Fit Is Hit | Lose 10 KG in 30 days | Training Video | Fitness 2017

Loosing Fat is a big Deal .

Here is one work out regime which our expert is upto these days .

Preetish hits Gym to do Upper Body circuit on Day One .

Let’s see him pushing beyond limits to achieve goal .

Workout Regime:

*10 circuits of 1 min walk and 1 minute run alternating for 20 minutes.

Muscle Circuit: ( Do 4 circuits)

* Bench press X 20 reps
* Shoulder press X 20 reps
* One arm rowing X 20 reps (each arm)
* Barbell Curl X 20 reps
* triceps pushdowns X 20 reps

Diet plan :

Please feel free to ask anything related to this episode in comments below .

Stay Fit to be Hit …..

Credits :

Anchor/Specialist : Preetish Chawla
DOP : Akshit /Neeraj
Sound : Neeraj Singhania (Audiusic)
Editor : Akshit Kalha (Filmy Druids)
Produced By : Filmy Druids
Location courtesy : Transform Gym ( Gujranwala Town)

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Get in Shape Right Now, Slacker!

Ready to make physical fitness meet your needs? Wonderful time to get started! Wait around, how would you do this, how would you get started? Don’t stress, here are a few physical fitness recommendations! This variety of assistance ought to provide you with the ideal volume of knowledge and inspiration to create your very own physical fitness regimen.

Working out with a friend is ideal. Having a conversation while working out will make time go by much more quickly. Having a friend work out with you can be an exciting time.

Volunteering can be a great way to continue to be bodily lively. There are many volunteer opportunities that involve exercise and activity. It becomes you up and heading, additionally it serves the greater very good of your respective group.


  1. Fit Is Hit says:

    Thanks for the support and loving our Videos .

    We are now 10k strong Family .

    There has been lot of Friends asking about Lower Body circuit video release . we are trying hard to release the same at the earliest . We are hopeful to release Lower Body Circuit Video on 1st or 2nd October .

  2. i think you should have described all the exercises in full description and also provided full diet for all the body types…..

  3. 15k subs and u always come on trending lol

  4. One like for boat head phone 😂😂

  5. August QC says:

    What? I'm sorry but I don't understan your "English" . subtitles can help.

  6. Is it helpfull to do a weightloss I'm 5,9 so my weight is 130 can I follow this fitness regime

  7. Hey of which company are those headphones

  8. How much circuits for these???

  9. Which protien should we take for pre workout and post workout??

  10. Hi Dear,
    Great show.By the way, is this can be done by the beginners.I mean who are looking to start joining the gym for the first time.

  11. Saud Ubare says:

    Hi Your Video is very nice I’m on low carb diet, I will obey your rules from today, I just need to know that how much weight should I use while doing this exercises . My height is 5.9 Ft and weight is 123 KG and age is 27 years Please reply I’ll wait then only I’ll start

  12. U have devided ur training into upper half nd lower half I do my exercise as per one body part as like shoulder chest is it wrong ?

  13. gem khana says:

    How many circuits we have to do?

  14. Sir mujhe size increas karne me problem Hoti means uper body me problem nhi Hoti but thai's me Hoti h..

  15. GIGGLR says:

    I should buy a boat

  16. Niko c says:

    Dude, it would help you to put subtitles. I do not speak English very well, and your accent makes it difficult

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  21. mayur ahir says:

    Sir, I don't eat egg as I'm pure vegetarian. Can You plz suggest me other diet plan or modify this one according to my food?

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  28. it is culture. she like six pack,but no comments are coming. culture,india,where is boldness. truth or secrecy . kya kahu.

  29. Initial weight and final weight and bf%?

  30. I 6 ft tall 95 kg how should I lose weight and how much

  31. videos says:

    Tu trending me kaise a raha j be

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  33. My health is not so good u have any proteins

  34. Sir video bullshit nhi h…but bnda agar naya h gym mai aur usko abhi start krna h…toh kya krna chahiye wo btao..aap toh kaafi tym se kr rahe ho.
    Aapke liye easy h ye sab but not for us …humhe motivate kr skte ho aap but isse hum weight loss nhi kr payenge itni jldi sir

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