First Time On a Kayak. Will I Flip?(360)(4k)

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September 16, 2017
Roll Over Hip Lift
September 16, 2017

Went Kayaking for the first time in my life. I brought out the Samsung Gear 360 (2017) which is NOT waterproof. This was a last minute plan just as the sun was setting and I was not dressed for the occasion. I was out with my buddy Octane, you can check out his channel here…

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  1. trying new stuff I like it . When I live Bellingham Wa I me a woman who loved kayaking. I might give it a try rivers frequently wash out the roads down here.

  2. A video of random shit! I like it!

  3. Dawn keto says:

    I keep forgeting this video is 360 and I can move direction. I like the kayak and the scenery. nice. Can you imagine doing this when you were 50lbs heavier. That would've been hard getting out of that kayak. Hey how about trying "wine and canvas" night?

  4. Love this! I kayak too, and it's a blast! My only problem is getting my kayak onto my car at 5'2" / 123lbs. Lol I might need a child's kayak.

  5. YES do more videos like this & bring viewers along !!!

  6. Very enjoyable to watch . I was hoping you didn't flip & be able to film your adventure . Good for you to just jump right into trying something new 🙂 No one is getting younger ,no reason to sit back & wait for it to happen . Keto has improved my health so much , before I didn't have energy to do things …

  7. Nice work Scott. Yes to more videos of dumb shit with minimal preparation. :0)

  8. how did you keep from laughing at the 40 year old with a man bun?
    but a great viv non the less loved every second. keep up the work drivver

  9. KetOMAD says:

    7:36 "So the Gear 360. It's not waterproof; I've never kayaked before; it's getting dark."
    I turn to Scott the Truckdriver for all my water-based dramatic tension and intermittent kayaking needs.

  10. Jill Feind says:

    Looked like you did real well

  11. crazy cool shit man, really enjoyed! I got one it's great to get out & have fun! Mine is a cheap one but it was a gift! 👍👍👍👍👍

  12. Rioma says:

    Was a fun watch. Gratz on not falling in!

  13. CreedX360 says:

    looked like fun man! think id took a cooler of beer and a fishing pole along though!

  14. Scott I enjoyed your adventure. |