First Steps In Cycling Training And Losing Weight. 45 min Workout. CYCLING ACADEMY 2.

Cardio Workout to Lose Belly Fat for Beginners
June 17, 2017
How to Lose The Menopausal Belly Fat – Pt 1
June 17, 2017

First Steps In Cycling Training And Losing Weight. 45 min Workout. CYCLING ACADEMY 2.

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Tips for Getting in Shape

Starting a fitness regimen is often a challenging step. Many individuals have periods of time if they are working out and working out and after that something throws them off, an accident, a bad mood or even a busy time at work. Right after the break, it’s challenging to get going once again. And others have never commenced a fitness regimen. This informative article offers some pointers for obtaining going on a fitness regimen.

Prepare yourself for your workout routine. By way of example, if you exercising in the morning, set out your clothing before heading to sleep. If you visit a fitness center from the evening, load up your handbag in the morning. Using this method, when it’s time for you to exercising you’re all set and also have almost no time to produce lame excuses.

Among the finest protection measures that you could take in case you are into lifting, would be to shield your throat. Throat personal injuries can set you back some time and may have overwhelming consequences on your overall performance. When lifting, do not go crazy, to enable you to remain as healthier as possible.


  1. What kind of mount do you use to mount the camera? How do you attach the camera poll to the bike? Can you give me a link to buy it?

  2. L Ritchie says:

    interesting cycle vlog!
    I enjoyed it.

  3. Thank you. I agree totally with your philosophy. After having ridden most of my life I stopped for the last 9 years or so because work and babies filling my time. I started riding again a few weeks ago and I am falling in love with it again. It's not love at first sight 😂 because of my lost fitness it is harder than I remember. But with every ride I am enjoying myself more and more. I'm from Australia so we are in our summer months which means early starts to avoid the heat. The upside to that is beautiful sunrises and morning coffees.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. I was cycling my mob along the road yesterday and goin to pass a car parked in the road and noticed a car from behind approaching fast so decided to go on the pavement and my front tyre skipped off the 3 inch kerb and I went head over heals onto the pavement and my hood soaked up the abrasion for my head and. My gloves took a lot of pressure off but I did a good 180 and still had no cuts or broken bones. Really a miracle considering I am 48 yrs old. I reckon I learnt how to fall at an early age from cycling when I was 8 or 9 or so. I must have fallen over 100 times or more and natural instincts kicked in as I was not worried just it's gonna happen is all and go with the flow. I have been in the most horrendous accident as a kid just goin down a hill 50% incline and losing touch on the brakes. Was a bit of a mess at the bottom and healed ok Was a main road at the bottom They were fun years actually almost as good as climbing the highest tree that was even better except for climbing down was harder. Yeah Chamberlain Avenue in Stoke was the next street to where I lived when I was younger and I have never seen a street as big a gradient as that one ever so far in my life so far.I travelled all over the UK and never seen a street that gradient it is a record breaker. That must be the steepest hill in GB surely anyways I went down it and lost control and got the old sandpapered face for it. Lol the good old days, never had a broken bone yet surprisingly. Should of copped something yesterday mind you.

  5. Love your vid Man U r awesome more than I ever imagined 4 cycling and so much liking the cycling experience. I remember the same thing when I was younger and now I feel revitalised as when I was a kid and cycling forever through the woods and gardens and all those special places. Love your work and you are right fun is the best part of cycling and always has been even living in London where it is a bit treacherous but now in Germany is glorious with all the cycle paths and looks the same forest as yourself. Good on you to show the best of cycling

  6. Another great vidoe. I'd say perfect supplement to polish channel – not repetitive. Awesome!

  7. No no no, not upset or wondering here. I can't stand anyone on Zwift or other trainer workout to watch; that should be kept off camera! Or at least very short lesson video. Outside is best if possible.

  8. dzięki dobra robota, jesteś może na Endomondo albo Garmin Connect? Pozdrów z UK

  9. kiedy beda napisy pl

  10. Paul Brock says:

    Absolutely brilliant video. Well done and like you say FUN & FUN keeps you dreaming and getting back on the bike. It's too easy to fall in to the trap of faster harder but fun is why we love to ride and get out. Again bloody good film ✌️

  11. marco b says:

    sorry to say this, but i do not like at all the effect of the lenses you're using . as they are deforming too much .everything .. see the trees in this video.why can't you use a different type ?

  12. hamhumtube says:

    Can edit sound later perhaps 🙂 cool videos btw

  13. HA – "Hormones of Happiness" I love it. Danny, thanks for all of your vids – very informative and inspirational

  14. Cycling is a blast with mega benefits !!! The perfect way to stay happy and healthy, what's not to love eh !! Love your videos !

  15. fw customs says:

    hi shaibike . i start cycling in end of 2014 . i lost 25kg in 2years , from 130 to 105 kg . 2015 i climb alp duez in 80 min 2016 i climb stelvio in 110 min . next year i drive some fondo races in the alpes . train hart pedal smart , very good chanel . greating from cologne germany

  16. On cold weather, you burn more calories. I think they mentioned that also in one of gcn video at this autumn. But since I'm diabertic, I think I can confirm it. I get hypoglycemia (low blood sugar) at winter more easily.. from shorter distances.. Both when bicycling and also when running.. It could be because energy goes off by cooling.. maybe muscles can also work harder.. won't overheat thanks to cooling.. or it might be related of road condition and tire choice.. But it seems to be really true.

  17. As a high carb low fat vegan I have no weight to lose 🙂

    Great video, it almost makes me want to go on adventure in my area, but really, I'm too sensitive to the cold weather ! So this Winter, it's Zwift (and others) to try to improve my ftp for the next Spring/Summer.

  18. ll88 magic says:

    Hi Mate if you wanna buy a new bike next year, I can recomend a very nice shop. It's not that kind of shop where you have nice sale all the time, there you have for just a month max 2, but deals are amazing -40,-50% sometimes even more. They are shipping to Poland as well.

  19. Do more of this please Shaibike. After watching a lot of your videos, I was hoping you would make a full video of your ride and alas, here it is. Thanks a lot.

  20. I've been looking for an about half litter flattish drinking bottle, that would fit well to cycling jacket rear pocket. But I haven't found anything suitable.. I'm surprised, that they don't offer such. On cold weather, you want to keep the bottle warm against your body. Regular bicycle bottle, or any bottle works, but round shape isn't good. It stretches the pocket out.. and it has to have the right cap with "teat" that you don't have to screw it on and off for drinking. They should start making such.. And no need to worry about things you usually put your pocket.. You can put other things, that won't fear cold, to pottle cage instead..

    I don't want hydration backpack, it's too expensive and overkill, for short rides.

    When I saw you filling that bottle, I knew, that you won't drink there much.. I'm sure you would have wanted, but it was too cold.. Would you get sore throat drinking cold water on cold weather? I think you might get.. or if you have sensitive teeth, it's not good too. 😀

    PS. You are not afraid going to forest alone. In remote areas, there's some kind of weird quietness in forest… I lose the sense of time flow there.. It feels so strange on such places.. Especially at very hot summer days. And I have bad sense of direction. I won't go to discover new routes, without checking google map beforehand.. But, since you were talking it wasn't quiet. And thus, forest spirits could not reach your mind and spirit you away.. and also did not get dragged to underground by the water spirits, that maybe living in that well. 😛

    It would have been bad, if you really got lost and missing to forest. Since we would not have more of your videos.

  21. About 8 month ago I started my ride. In that time my wight loss was almost nothing. OK. There is some difference but weight is same. I ride a lot. Several time I ride 100k with climb 1200 m, but weight is same. I have some speed, some endurance.

    Finally I remembered what I do (20-30 years ago) for weight loss. Is is start-stop on traffic light. Starting every season I was starting in the city. Go some shopping, go to work, go to girl or coffee. There is a lot of traffic light and explosive start. One month of that "training", weight go 10 kg down and speed go 10 km/h up. My diet was almost exclusively burger, hot dog, pizza and that kind of shit food (no time for proper food). After 2-3 month from starting season it was time for epic ride (400 km) and energy drink and gels.

    That is key for weight loss. Traffic light (red is better), explosive start, and girl or coffee on other side of town. First cup of coffee after 20 km of that regime. Gear ratio 52/14. Cadence? Who cares? Whey you reach propper cadence there is another cross. |