June 18, 2017
Lower Body Burn Workout: 9 Mins- BeFiT GO
June 19, 2017

I volunteer with 16-18 year old boy scouts and this week we went hiking in a the mountains near Phoenix. The hike was super challenging.

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  1. Jon is a scout leader, too! but he's super fit…it's so annoying! ha-ha. when I have to hike with a group, I take 39 steps, then pause for three breaths! haha

  2. Michael says:

    great job on the hike. I love hiking even though I have a foot that bad once in awhile. have a great day

  3. Great job making it to the top of the mountain.  It's great that you volunteer with the boy scouts.  The view looked awesome.

  4. WeDoLoudTV says:

    I'm an elf. Lol 😂. Aren't we all 😜❄️️🎅🏻

  5. just subscribed keep up the great vids

  6. Jason Love says:

    Stay safe out there.
    40's is really cold to go hiking. Which makes that sweatshirt a smart buy. Staying warm on the trail, styling it at the night clubs. lol

  7. Legend said if your early fun awesome will reply! Are legends true?

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