Fat Burning 25 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout – Climb The Passo Sella

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June 3, 2017
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June 3, 2017

Fat Burning 25 Minute Indoor Cycling Workout – Climb The Passo Sella

Burn fat, get fit and feel the burn with this 25 minute indoor cycling workout.

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Based on the fearsome climb of the Passo Sella in Alta Badia in the Dolomites, this 25 minute workout takes you through your paces and will push your threshold and suffering right to the limit.

You’ll work through a “ramp” effort that will take you from 5/10 perceived effort to 10/10 in steps. This type of interval workout exactly replicates the feeling of racing up a climb in the mountains. This workout video is ideal for your turbo trainer, smart trainer, rollers, Wattbike or other indoor bike.

Passo Sella – the stats:
Length: 5.5km
Average gradient: 7.9%
Ascent: 439m

As with any strenuous exercise, you should consult a doctor/physician before beginning a programme of exercise. Discontinue your exercise session immediately if you experience any pain, dizziness or discomfort.
Partaking in training sessions following GCN’s video instruction is entirely at your own risk, and Global Cycling Network can not be held responsible for any injuries which may occur as a result of these exercises.

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  1. Try this workout and let us know how you get on! 👇

  2. Dom says:

    It's great without music (but still hard)

  3. Matt is a fantastic coach for these videos, I feel like I'm learning as well as sweating my guts out!

  4. Is this a cyclops training program?

  5. TiFiber says:

    Great workout to make you see the fuzzy's and I still can't wait to do it again. Another winner from the GCN guys to add to my training rotation.

  6. feel great now. that was awesome

  7. Lance O says:

    Clearly this video is inaccurate! I would have dropped Dan on the first hairpin.

  8. beeble2003 says:

    The workout actually begins with 3m14s at a perceived effort level of 17: clipping in.

  9. jfCanadian says:

    fantastic!! done this 5x and never gets old .

  10. bmdonlin says:

    Thanks for the sweat, Matt. Now I hate you almost as much as Paul… 😉

  11. brutal last few minutes! One thing I have noticed with some of the sessions I've done – when I am doing 90rpm, my legs seem to be turning quicker than the presenter's legs. (not just this vid but previous ones too). Either my cadence sensor is not accurate or Lloydy, Si and Matt aren't turning the legs as fast as they should be…

  12. Dear GCN, Your training vids are great, however, the ads are a real pain in the arse.  Is there any way you can get rid of them?

  13. Comercial breaks suck!

  14. I thought that fat burns when you are riding at 125-140 heart rate

  15. Good one! I cheated (cannot maintain 90rpm) by using the even levels to just maintain slightly harder, and then the .5 levels to push really harder. A goal to work towards for me.

  16. Father and son have both had a bash at this in the last 24 hours! Good challenge sticking at the same cadence and gradually upping the power.

  17. People complaining about the adverts. Here is a tip. Start video then slide buffer past each yellow break. The breaks will disappear then just slide back to the beginning all the stupid advert breaks disappear. #boom

  18. Hey Matt. How do you like the new cycleops hammer compared to tacx neo and kickr? Thanks

  19. Good session matt enjoyed the scenary as well😉😆

  20. Mark says:

    I'm apparently a moron. How do you calculate your effort level based off of Strava or Garmin Connect numbers?

  21. Perfect for a complement of the normal training !!!! definitely like it !!

  22. tnainio says:

    This is great =)
    Song name? Sub Focus or something..?

  23. it's amazing at matts age that he can do all this while talking.

  24. minuskook says:

    could there be similar videos for rollers? thank you gcn!

  25. Zach Bonte says:

    My chain came off during a standing sprint, and I'm on rollers. Hope the workout ended better for you guys

  26. Mellen G says:

    Do any of your training videos align with the GCN workouts on Zwift?

  27. loopie007 says:

    Matt, How can you do an effort like that without a fan? It seems like you are just overheating yourself. P.S. If you get a nice large fan, be sure to get one with a Remote Control. That way you can start adjust the speed as your body temp requires.

  28. More on road like these please. THX!

  29. Hi
    What is the name of the app? IOS?MAC?Windows?

  30. Awesome workout guys…. thanks for sharing

  31. Amazing workout gorgeous scenic beauty left me breathless literally lol

  32. Indulonman says:

    How much fat can you burn in 25 minutes? 🙂

  33. Bill Heng says:

    the boss looks like a shark XD

  34. please, I don't understand the very first words at begin of the video at 0:05 ''raphaely half an hour session''???

  35. Fury62 says:

    Nice overtake at 1:13 ! Always appreciate that ! This person would have probably deserved to receive a nice bottle in the back window of her car ! ^^

  36. Only problem with indoor trainers is you sweat a shit ton.

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