Extreme Dumbbell Belly Fat Demolisher Workout – Get 6 Pack Abs Fast

June 19, 2017
40 Minute Fat Burning Indoor Cycling Training: Random HIIT Workout – Passo Pordoi
June 19, 2017

Get The Full 6WeekSixPack Challenge Here :http://www.6weeksixpack.com Ready For The Extreme Dumbbell Belly Fat Demolisher Workout?

In this video Home Fitness Expert Peter Carvell shows you how to burn fat fast using 3 big compound dumbbell exercises.

Not only is this workout super simple it is also very short, just 15 minutes.

So if you are busy or just don’t like exercise but still want to get 6 pack abs then this belly fat loss workout is for you!

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Don’t groan once you pick up the phrase health and fitness! It might be fun seriously! Remember to investigate actions that you actually enjoy undertaking and make use of them in your favor. Would you love to hop rope, take strolls, trip a bicycle, to be outside the house? In that case, set-aside an hour or so to visit enjoy these matters daily then you will really feel more content should you do. Don’t like action at all? Should you be located on the chair watch television or playing video games skip the snack food and shift or forearms and hip and legs close to in round and up and down motions well done, you are training! Just consider many ways to get up and moving!

Should you be starting an exercise routine, will not drive oneself too much. If you think ache, take a break or stay the remainder of the exercising. When starting, your system needs to slowly become accustomed to the workout routines. You can seriously damage oneself by trying to drive oneself too much. Bare in mind that your tolerence increases after some time.

A great hint that can help you get match is to eat cottage cheese or milk prior to mattress. Cottage cheese and milk, in addition to a handful of other food products, consist of casein healthy proteins, which actually stimulates lean body mass when consumed prior to mattress. In addition there are healthy proteins powders which contain casein healthy proteins.


  1. All exercise haven't seen before, well done.

  2. I am 173 cm in height and weighs 70 kgs. I have never been to gym. I am 29 years old. Do you have any beginner work out videos ?

  3. Your channel/videos are so much helpful! 👍 👍👍

  4. you have great skill. human skill. it's always worth my time watching your videos. thank you so much for being out there

  5. wow finally belly fat killer that i needed for my lower abs
    thnx man you r fucking awesome
    gob bless you

  6. Pooja S says:

    Wow this looks absolutely killer, gonna try first thing in the morning today. Thank you for this amazing free workout 🙂

  7. Sens4Lyfe6 says:

    definitely trying this, I've been doing a lot of cardio (200-250 cals a day) so I need to start doing some dumbbell excericeses

  8. Red Rose says:

    definitely gonna try this on my next workout! thanks man 🙂 more power

  9. Yue Han says:

    This is insane! Thanks man!

  10. Really enjoyed the video but stupid question here, how many times a week should you be doing these?

  11. Sugar Hill says:

    Nice!!!! 👍🏽👍🏽

  12. it's too good man

  13. Mr IY says:

    I think you should have your own picture in the animated thumbnail.

  14. j hater says:

    Best fitness youtuber out there!!!

  15. Can you do this without the dumbbells?

  16. POWER says:

    What type of weight you using? Curious looking for a guideline

  17. Looks like Mortal Kombat moves

  18. great workout my friend….

  19. the name of the song ….??

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