EPIC PULL-UP BATTLE: The Crossfit Pull-up Queen vs. Henry Tran

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June 6, 2017
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June 6, 2017

EPIC PULL-UP BATTLE: The Crossfit Pull-up Queen vs. Henry Tran

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What’s going on, guys! It’s referee Jonny Catazano here with Six Pack Shortcuts. Today we have a challenge at Six Pack Shortcuts Headquarters between two of our trainers to see who can be dubbed the King or Queen of the official Six Pack Shortcuts Pull-Up Challenge.

Before we tip-off, here are the rules for the challenge:

-Strict pull-ups only
-No kipping – using your core in a “push-press” motion to use momentum to get up and over the bar
-No swaying of the body
-The chin must reach above the bar for the rep to count

Pre-challenge predictions: Ashley is yoked, guys…I’m worried for my boy Henry to be honest. Did I forget to mention…Winner gets to sign their name and forever be immortalized on the Clark Shao Memorial Gym wall…Loser has to go do lunges around the ENTIRE Six Pack Shortcuts Headquarters.

Each competitor has one minute to do as many pull-ups as they can. Remember, if their chin doesn’t go up and past the bar, the rep does not count. Let’s get started:

1:45 – Henry

2:55 – Ashley

After reviewing the competitor’s 1-minute session and judging all reps to pass Six Pack Shortcuts regulations, the winner is… Ashley Lowery. She’s earned the right to sign the wall and forever be known on this day as the Six Pack Shortcuts Pull-Up Challenge Queen.

That also means Henry will be getting a nice leg workout now since he’ll be doing lunges around the whole building. Sorry brother, but if you ain’t first your last…Now get stepping!

So we at Six Pack Shortcuts think that everyone should have a chance at redeeming themselves, so in the comments below make sure to let us know what the next head-to-head challenge we should do. Don’t forget to: like, share, and subscribe to the Six Pack Shortcuts channel.

See Y’all Next Time,

-Jonny Catazano

P.S. Do you want an instant replay or want to get a second opinion of who took the win in today’s Six Pack Shortcuts Pull-Up Challenge, make sure to like and share the video here: http://youtu.be/SEslPcX8Vs0

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  1. DI Joker says:

    An friend of mine who was in the MCJROTC Program with me, now in the Marines, his highest amount of pull ups was 22.

  2. On pullups, are you suppose to just get your forehead over the bar, or your whole head over the bar?

  3. I would love to see re challenge between you too…!!! get her next time buddy

  4. Jaxon Yost says:

    Ashley only win because how light she was

  5. You should've added an obligatory Grip width cause it definitely makes a difference.

  6. the best of video

  7. mike joey says:

    nice next time do Johnny and Henry

  8. takashi69z says:

    Wow.. Her pull ups were more better than his, she is good. Especially her chin over the bar part. I saw the guy's Chin below the bar in the first set of his pull ups.

  9. THEPIEGUY says:

    it'd be nice if he actually locked out his arms yall should get a marine on her cause im just in rotc and I do 23 pullups


  11. Julia P says:

    Ya that's way better than my zero pullups

  12. Im going to try this challenge today see how many i come up with im feeling 25

  13. His form was whack the women clearly won as she had full range of motion.

  14. what pull up grips is ashley wearing???

  15. Not fair….she won cause she lower bodyweight than him

  16. Nazin Khan says:

    Girl had clean pull-ups guy had negative reps. So girl wins

  17. Does body weight matter when doing pull ups? I mean the lighter you are the more pull ups you can make? If she's lighter then she definitely has the bigger advantage.

  18. She should win, her pull ups were better.

  19. 989 triggered feede fans dislike this

  20. Obviously the girl has much better range of motion.

  21. John Cena says:

    Ashley lowery what's your Instagram

  22. Awesome challange! I wanna see the recount!

  23. David JR says:

    The chick did much better pull ups

  24. His grip was wider but her pull-ups were way cleaner………This is so cool.

  25. I'd like to see a closer grip… with close grip I can do 27 in a row without kipping

  26. That Ashley chick is a badass!

  27. Go head to head in bench or squats then let's see who wins

  28. Jake Jones says:

    awesome Ashley, way stricter than his

  29. But she is lighter though.

  30. She lost I don't get it

  31. Ashley's pull-ups were proper form all the way. Henry was half way there. Even Ashley thought so

  32. Oskar Elek says:

    His pullups were perhaps 70% of hers in terms of form and effort – not only the chin, also look at the elbows and shoulder rotation in the bottom position. A seriously good performance for anybody, especially a woman.

  33. sico sidd says:

    Wow! Her pull-ups were very clean!! Put some respeck on her name!

  34. SankyP says:

    Ashley Lowery…shes got sexy abs and arm muscles.

  35. She's a girl bro, she has more endurance than him especially that he's more of a body builder type and will tire out easily in body weight training.

  36. Duo MiD says:

    I do 9 pull ups but im 13 years old is it nice?

  37. smart boy says:

    i won't lie…i only came for the girl in thumbnail <3 cuteness 😍

  38. She is so beautiful !

  39. Alex Marez says:

    1… 1… 1… 1… 1… 1… 1…
    -Every Marine Corps PFT ever.

  40. Henry R says:

    Bro, nice try… I demand a recount….. lol…..

  41. sharu800 says:

    i challenge i can beat her. i'm training since 2months and i do 25 nonstop pull ups 😛

  42. Well… 15 years old and i can do 24 🙂 with proper form

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