Cross Training Swimming Workout for Runners | Part 1

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August 11, 2017
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August 11, 2017

In need of some cross training for runners? Try this swimming workout!

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Follow These Ideas to Get Into Shape

Poor physical fitness can negatively have an effect on you, each personally and psychologically. You have to do a lot of your quest so that you don’t very seriously hurt oneself exercising. There are several recommendations listed here to help you start out with a fitness regimen that could be right for you and your desired goals.

If you do not similar to a particular exercise, as an alternative to getting it well, you should try and obtain good at it. Probably, you may not like the exercise since it is too difficult for yourself or perhaps you cannot practice it nicely. By doing the exercise, you can expect to build a lot more energy towards your weakness.

Fishing is a wonderful way to get yourself a full body exercise. Fishing operates from the arms if you use these to move oneself forward in the water with strokes. The system functions from the thighs and legs too if you strike these to equilibrium your system in the water. You utilize your primary for equilibrium and licensed inhaling.

Consider trying out a video game like Wii Fit if you have a hard time motivating yourself for exercise. Playing a game is another great option that makes you forget about how tired you are while working out. If you focus on the game, you will not pay so much attention to how tired your body is. The feelings of fatigue will not be so evident, and you will feel like continuing your workout.


  1. Nice but where was the workout?

  2. Where do you buy Wilcom goggles? Cannot find that brand online.

  3. I appreciate the Boondock Saints "nowhere!". You guys are great, thank you for all the helpful vids.

  4. markuscg1 says:

    I'm waiting for the The Triathlon Experience to be announced soon!

  5. As a swimmer, I joke that it is knowing when to breathe when I run that's my problem! I have used a few of your videos and training tips to work on this getting better at it.

  6. Just added swimming to my cross training and thank you for the great tips!

  7. I love how you pointed out that inefficient swimming burns more calories…

  8. Great explanation of the high elbow. Thanks!

  9. perfect timing. I just started swimming for cross training as it's so much less pounding on my body. finished a 50 miler, so swimming is a great change of pace. good stuff guys

  10. I love staying updated on running tips from your channel. I thought maybe there would be some strength training tips in water….instead just a learn to swim. Oh, pull buoy, not pool and flutter kicks, not feather. Just fyi. I look forward to more videos!!

  11. Alex A says:

    The Swim Experience ep.1 |