catssssssss Jessie the Pilates Cat

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June 2, 2017
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June 2, 2017

This is about how jessie gets along in her cat life. jessie is a cat, a pilates cat, so we show her pilates life.

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Videographer: Louise Taube
Editing: Louise Taube
Music: Ben Sound

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I am a pilates fanatic based in Melbourne Australia. I have a passion for movement and film. Which is why I love youtube. I have a small home studio in St Kilda East where I practice pilates and teach private and small group pilates classes. I also do teacher training and feel that this is my calling. I love helping people and I love watching people grow, overcome physical challenges and move forward to a better quality of life.

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  1. HI Louise, thank you so much for such a wonderful and inspiring piece, beautiful cat, studio, music and movement. Much appreciation for the excellent presentation at the APMA conference on the weekend as well.

  2. Hi Louise! I just love this video! I love that your cat is watching you do the cat.The slow motion bits are also really fun to watch. This little film is a fun study for sure because there are so many clever things in it and each time I see it I see something new. I have a Pilates dog named Ruby who comes to the studio with me every day and you have me thinking of ways to make her a star! Thank you for being such an inspiration! |