August 11, 2017
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August 11, 2017

Welcome back, babes! πŸ’œ Arms used to be a big insecurity of mine until I started lifting weights and blasting arm fat. This workout targets your biceps and triceps HARD. Let me know how it goes! Xo

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The Workout:

Superset 1:
4 x 10-12 reps
Incline Barbell Tricep Extension
Incline Dumbbell Curl

Tricep Cable Kickback
3 x 15 reps – each arm

EZ-Bar Bicep Curl
3 x 15 reps

Tricep Overhead Extension with Rope
3 x 12-15 reps

Music by NCS
Subtact – Away

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A tricep pushdown is an efficient exercise to sculpt your tricep. You should conduct this exercise effectively however. Your palms need to experience your legs. This will likely place less stress on your own elbow joint. Tend not to let your palms experience the surface getting unwanted stress on your own elbows.


  1. Just did this workout today!! Trying to get back into a workout routine, love your videos!!

  2. gladystaca says:

    Question: I'm a total novice to the concept of supersets and trisets; can someone please clarify if they're done as a circuit? For example, for Superset 1: do you complete all 4 sets of the Incline Barbell Tricep Extension and THEN all 4 sets of the Incline Dumbbell Curl? Or do you complete one 10-12 rep set of Tricep Extensions and then one set of 10-12 reps of the Dumbbell Curl, and then back to the Tricep Extension, etc. until all 4 sets of each exercise are completed? Any help would be much appreciated! (Love the videos!)

  3. I have been trying to lower my arm fat but I feel like it's just growing and the fat seems to be expanding should I continue to do this? Feeling very frustrated.

  4. I love your videos! 😘

  5. When will you start to see results in your arms?

  6. Does anyone know were she gets her shits from?!? (Particularly this one) help a white gurl outttt 😩😩

  7. Magen Dain says:

    Hi Whitney! Just came across your channel and I'm loving it already! Quick question…..do you normally follow or make up your own weekly plan or do you just focus on whichever muscle group for the day and use the exercises you want (thus changing it up all the time). Thanks for the help!!

  8. I have allot of loose skin after weight loss in my Tricep area. Aswell as doing this workout and good diet will the rowing machine help too?

  9. Windy S says:

    I've ripped my hair out on the over head pull also, it hurts so bad but you don't have time to do anything about it because its already torn out and attached to the machine!!! A lifting girl problem

  10. Whitney, this was really an amazing workout – me being a beginner but committed finally to working out "properly" aka lifting weights this video helped a lot. I followed it strictly and found that it took my workout to another level! Thank you –

  11. You're my favorite! Thanks for always posting your work outs in the description box! Makes it really easy to follow and it helps me stay motivated!

  12. You are the absolute best, thank you! You make my workouts fun and interesting!

  13. That guy in the jeans and times like boyyyy. I love it

  14. Whitney, do you do these exercises in order just like in your video? Or do you do all triceps exercises first and then all bicep exercises?

  15. Love love your videos !! Do you warm up or cool down with some type of cardio at the end of a workout?

  16. Whitney girl, help!! Lifting heavy(less reps) is always best for murves (muscles with curves ha)right? Curious what the benefit of more reps is versus less reps and heavier weights? Wondering if this is just to switch things up or is this standard for you? You slay gorgeousπŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘!!!!!!!

  17. Another great workout! Thank you beautiful!

  18. Carly Ann says:

    can you do some arm workouts for beginners or what type of workouts you did when you first started working out? I have no idea where to start

  19. I love your workouts! I just subscribed to your channel thank you for explaining the workouts now I won't be a total idiot at the gym lol

  20. New subscriber! you are my motivation!!!

  21. Alex C says:

    that guy trying to workout in jeans and timberlands lol.

  22. You inspire me to be better with working out after thanksgiving I will be hitting the gym hard and doing some of your exercises that you recommended 😍😍😍

  23. asrai says:

    holy cow. those tricep overhead extensions were so much harder than they looked! my arms are jello. thank you!

  24. Emily says:

    I just did this workout and my arms are CRYING. Thank you! I needed that ❀️

  25. 0 dislikes!! that's awesome

  26. You're hilarious and I wish you were my gym buddy. I've always hated the gym because I had no idea what to do, and would walk around aimlessly. I've been doing your routines a few times a week and love it!
    My question is do you dedicate specific days to different muscle groups? I noticed sometimes you combine, and other times you combine different muscles. Just curious πŸ™‚ Thanks for being entertaining, and realistic!

  27. Samantha D says:

    I love your workouts and you!!! Can you do more at home workouts?

  28. love your videos girl

  29. Beth Smith says:

    What kind of shoes are those?

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