BRUTAL 10 Min Ab Workout – With Dr. Samantha Vogel & Jonny Catanzano

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June 23, 2017
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June 23, 2017

BRUTAL 10 Min Ab Workout – With Dr. Samantha Vogel & Jonny Catanzano

Burn Away The Belly Fat For Six Pack Abs:

What’s happening, Six Pack Shortcuts. Jonny here and I’m with Sammy today to go over how to start losing that stubborn belly fat to get the abs showing.

Before we get into our workout, I want to make sure you guys get these 4 essential tips on how to start building your six pack:

#1 – Stop doing crunches and sit-ups! Sammy hit the nail right on the head when she said this because those movements are only going to develop the abs underneath the belly fat that you need to get rid of first.

#2 – Do elevated ab exercises. This way, you’re able to get an extra range of motion while doing movements to make sure you really get the abs to pop. We’re going to show you this in during our “Scorch Set” circuit.

#3 – Incorporate static holds to ab exercises. For example, while laying on your back and performing bicycle kicks, try holding your knee at the top for 2-3 seconds before advancing to
the next rep.

#4 – Start doing “Afterburn” training. Add in high-intensity interval cardio to your ab circuits since it can help to force the metabolism to burn more calories up to 24 hours after the workout is over. This is especially important if you’re looking to burn off stubborn belly fat sitting on top of where your six pack abs should be showing.

So our “Scorch Sets” circuit consists of 3 total rounds of these 3 exercises:

4:00 – Ball Slam Twists for 10 reps: Start seated on the ground with your legs bent at the knee, making sure not to have your lower back or thighs contact the floor. To make it a bit tougher try doing these with your feet off the ground the whole time. Take a weighted medicine ball and from one side of the body, twist your core and carry the ball to the other side. To do these solo, position yourself next to a wall to bounce the ball off of or perform these alternating each side for 20 reps each set, 10 per side.

If you don’t have a medicine ball or equipment, not a problem! Increase the difficulty of the exercise by raising your feet off the ground and trying not to have them touch through the set. Make the twisting motion in this position to still make sure you’re hitting this angle for your abs.

5:24 – Bench V-sits With Static Holds for 10 reps: Using a bench, chair, coffee table, or anything sturdy and elevated off the ground, sit about 3 inches away from the edge of the elevated surface. You should only be touching your butt to the surface with both legs forward in an almost flat plank position. Make sure to grip your hands firmly to the edge of the table/chair/surface. With legs together, start by bringing your knees up to your torso, making sure to engage your core and hold at the top for 2-3 seconds before the next rep.

6:39 – Sprinter Lunges for 10 reps on each leg: Pick a leg to keep in front for the first 10 reps. Take a step back and drop your back knee close to the ground, kneeling and getting into a lunge position with your front thigh becoming parallel to the ground. As you come up, you’re going to want to jump straight up with your back knee driving you up to the sky. As you come back down, you’ll begin the next rep and step back with your back leg.

For beginners, make this motion without jumping up. So, from the lunge position just bring the back knee up and drive towards the sky, minus the leap. Don’t forget – it’s 10 reps per leg to complete the round.

Take a 30-40 second rest at the end of the round, then get right back to it. After 3 total rounds of these 3 workouts, you’ll be able to really elevate the heart rate, engage and build up your core, and trigger that “Afterburn Effect” to get your metabolism to continue to burn calories off even after you’re done to help melt away that stubborn belly fat.

Did you get thro10-minute Scorch Set circuit? What’s your favorite ab exercise to do? What else do you notice you’re struggling with when it comes to losing your belly fat and getting abs? Make sure to comment below or head to our discussion board at and let us know what else you’re looking for or other workouts you want us to go over.

Thanks for tuning in again with Sammy and me here at Six Pack Shortcuts. As always, don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to the channel for more info, tips, and workouts.

Catch Y’all Next Time,
-Jonny Catazano

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