Breathing exercises, Pranayama, Hatha yoga – Video 3 – Abdominal lift / Uddiyana bandha

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June 30, 2017
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June 30, 2017

Breathing exercises, Pranayama, Hatha yoga – Video 3 – Abdominal lift / Uddiyana bandha

This video is about Abdominal lift / Uddiyana bandha Breathing exercises in Pranayama, Hatha yoga with Ben Poppleton, 3rd degree Blackbelt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu under Carlos Gracie Jnr.

Follow These Ideas to Get Into Shape

So you want to consider your hands at physical fitness? Have you figured out anything about this action? Have you figured out about the many various kinds of regimens which you can use? Have you figured out what involves an excellent program? If these concerns raise far more concerns than you can solution, consider looking at the tips beneath.

If there is someone else in your social circle who is trying to lose weight, form a weight loss team and tackle the problem together. Now you can workout together and know how much you’ve achieved. Workout with a friend if you want your workout to go faster. When you do this, you will actually forget that you are working out and have fun, allowing you to stick with your plan.

When working out, you will almost certainly have some kind of damage. All accidents whilst working out can be very significant. A lot of people will ignore it. To start with, you must stop working out that area affected. Then you need to get it checked out from a doctor or expert.


  1. Great work.The first goal of Pranayama is to control the agent of all motion(Vayu) so the aggravating forces arise from within. Later through practice one may slowly gain control over systems which were once not voluntary. It is this vayu that one seeks to control through these practices.

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