Bosu Tabata and Heavy Weight Complexes

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June 20, 2017
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June 20, 2017

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Bosu Tabata and Sandbag and Dumbbell Complex Workout
Resistence band
Heavy and light weights
24″ 20″ elv
Warm Up:30:30
1. Butt kicks arm circles
2. Fire hydrant and kick
3. Fire hydrant and kick
4. Walk out pushup
5. Runners lunge hip flexor stretch
6. Runners lunge hip flexor stretch

SET 1: True Tabata 20:10 8x 
Bosu up and overs +hooks (light weights) 

SET 2: Sandbag complex 8 reps each 2x 
1. Sumo sandbag swings 
2. Back load forward Lunge to step up and rev Lunge back 8/leg
3. Bent close rows 
4. Back load curtsy to squat 8/leg

SET 3: True Tabata 20:10 8x 
Bosu oblique hops + 2 jack push-ups 

SET 4: Dumbbell complex8 reps 2x
1 SL DL 8/leg
2 Spilt Lunge Snatch and kneel and press to stand 4/leg
3 Renegade rows 2=1 
4 Drop one weight for slams 

SET 5: True Tabata 20:10 8x 
Bosu sit and tuck to box jump

SET 6: Sandbag complex8 reps each 2x 
5. Sumo sandbag swings 
6. Back load forward Lunge to step up and rev Lunge back 8/leg
7. Bent close rows 
8. Back load curtsy to squat 8/leg

SET 7: True Tabata 20:10 8x 
Bosu staggered push-up lateral jump over burpees 

SET 8: Dumbbell complex 8 reps 2x
5 SL DL 8/leg
6 Spilt Lunge Snatch and kneel and press to stand 4/leg
7 Renegade rows 2=1 
8 Drop one weight for slams 

BANDED Bridge Challenge burnout  by Colleen K (30:30 2X) 6 MINUTES
**Bosu dome side down, feet on flat surface for all sets
1. Regular Bridge, full range of motion (feet on flat side of Bosu)
2. Single Leg Bridge Right, full ROM
3. Single Leg Bridge Left, full ROM
4. Frog Style Bridge, full ROM
5. Frog Style Bridge Hold with Butterfly Knees (hold at highest point, fly knees in/out)
6. Regular Bridge Pulses

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  1. raquel BA says:

    I am too tired for words. Thank you!! This was brutal.

  2. OM%G!! The split lunge snatch and step ups were killer for me. I usually like tabatas, but they were an especially welcomed treat today lol! Amazing…thanks Julia!

  3. n temoor says:

    Dying through this now Julia.. wish me luck to complete 20mins left 😅💪🏻

  4. Well, this was challenging!! The hardest moves for me were the step ups and the snatches. They took me long, but I did them with heavy weights and vest, so I felt very strong at the end. Loved the tabata "breaks"! I burnt here 625 cal!

  5. Kanchana says:

    very challenging workout..the snatches and step ups were hard..the bridge circuit was an absolute killer..thanks Julia n Colleen

  6. Thanks for posting !!

  7. excellent challenge!! I completed it except for the burnout 😜 I was just DONE! It felt great! I loved the tabata interspersed between rep based sets. And then I also liked the fact that the rep based set actually repeated, even though they were totally killer!!!! Even though I print out every workout so I can see what is next…I was completely surprised and a little chagrined 😅 and scared ☺️ to see that they were going to be repeated!! Thank you…off to mocha shake land

  8. Looks wonderful Julia!! I'll try it Saturday I'm sure I'll be having more to choose from until that day. Thanks!!!

  9. si t says:

    you have good athlete body how long have been in fitness?

  10. Lucy Roy says:

    omg, this was brutal, very challenging workout, I can't believe I made it through lol

  11. Colleen says:

    Oh I can't wait to do this later today! Every time I think "hmm, maybe I should do one of my workout dvds today" Julia uploads another AMAZING workout that I just have to do and the dvds go back on the shelf again. LOL

  12. Omg that booty burnout at the end was absolutely lovely and torturous all at the same time!!! I loved it! Thankyou Julia and Colleen!

  13. What a deadly workout! When tabatas feel like breaks, you know you are working hard during the complexes. And during the last part, I Just wanted to quit and I just thought "think about your butt in your jeans" during those 6 minutes! Great routine!

  14. Killer workout! Loved the format between 2 different complexes! I used my curl bar for the sandbag part and did goodmornings vs swings…. I was struggling through the complexes! Thanks Julia! Your the best!

  15. Loved the format! I didn't look at the breakdown before hand so I did groan when the complexes came back. You were right the tabatas were a break! The snatches were very challenging for me. Favourite moves = the burnout and BOSU sit + tuck and box jump. Victory of the day was the speed and "ease" that I can now do step ups! (please not they are not easy I can just maintain better form and have more eccentric control).

  16. very good wo Julia, i like it very much! those bosu knee in – bix jumps were my fav. tabata moves. and the complexes…pffff… SUPER!!!

  17. n temoor says:

    Looking amazing!! Can't wait to do this! Thanks |