Best Way to burn fat – HIIT Training -Treadmill sprints – Fat loss tips

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June 2, 2017
5 Fat Burning Exercises
June 2, 2017

Best Way to burn fat – HIIT Training -Treadmill sprints – Fat loss tips

This is by far the best way to burn fat and not lose muscle. Target fat with high Intensity interval training. This can be adapted to any cardio machine.

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How to Get Into Better Shape

Inadequate health and fitness can negatively affect you, both bodily and emotionally. You must do a great deal of your research in order that you don’t really harm oneself exercising. There are several recommendations listed below that will help you start with a workout strategy that may be right for you as well as your goals.

To enhance the appearance of your shoulders, you should use weight load. Hand weights are great for shoulder exercises like force presses and lateral improves. Presses with barbells could also yield excellent effects. Utilizing weight load will develop the muscles with your shoulder muscles and provide them a more well toned physical appearance. For the very best effects, be sure to lift weight load at least two times weekly.

For those who have short time for lifting weights, concentrate your time and effort on compound exercises. This target multiple muscle tissues rather than isolating just one single, meaning you may function far more muscles a lot sooner. Examples of power-developing exercises that target multiple muscle mass are bench dips, lunges, and pull-ups.


  1. Is that 12mph or kph?

  2. About how many days should I do this for in a week????

  3. lisa bray says:

    i don't want to build lots of muscle i just want to lose my mummy tum/legs will this work for me?

  4. How many sets should I do this for?

  5. love your videos brother

  6. Lala Hazel says:

    today was my 2nd day doing this I feel great I just hope I see some fat come off soon. So in a month I should see something . 🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞

  7. M3D1C Dan says:

    First 15 secs… awesome transformation right there. Well done mate!

  8. MVPVGFX says:

    How often should I do this if I lift weights everyday?

  9. Lala Hazel says:

    @brixfitness the best hold I can do this

  10. Kendall A says:

    I'm curious about what movie/show that is on the middle screen. 🙂

    I'm starting HIIT again today! 🙂

  11. L L says:

    Ugh Just great. Now i have to buy a treadmill.

  12. Ok I'm gone try it. If it don't work I be looking you up. How long? 15mins?30mins?200cal?800cal? I'm not comprehending.

  13. 9 seconds in and you already motivated me.

  14. I am 40 says:

    instead of that 60 seconds rest can i replace it for 60 seconds of much slower running

  15. A Sharma says:

    bullshit advice….high intensity weight training with push and pull compounds is the best way to burn fat! eat clean and done

  16. Hi Brix,

    Quick question for you – So it will be 10 sprints (30 seconds), 10 (one minute breaks), yeah?

  17. Hey Brix I want to lose 5-10 pounds to get my pack 6 pack to start showing but I'm also at a stage where I'm bulking up. How often should I do HITT training if I workout out 5 days of the week?

  18. Thanks 4 sharing my brotha. p.s. Q????..What's the name of the track that you used at the end of this video?.

  19. So basically play soccer?

  20. Hey i somehow stumble apon your video and ive been doing your workout for 3 weeks now but my knees have been hurting so i decided to cycle. Can you tell me a good time interval on the cycle bike? thank you

  21. Today I did incline 12 speed 9. That was intense

  22. SUΔ says:

    i think every single sprit/hit cardio vid i've seen they say sprint as hard as you can etc etc. but half the time it looks like they're jogging? So should i be jogging at a fast pace (12) or sprinting like bolt?

  23. I do 14-15 speed with an incline of just 2 and do 6 sets of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds at lower speed of 9……Then jump on the bike and do the same at level 6-8 for 30 seconds reducing speed and level to 2 for 30 seconds rest. This take roughly 15 minutes to complete as your jumping through levels and machine's but it really gives an intense workout. This one looks tough though might give it a try to mix things up

  24. I just started and want to know with Hit training how long of a work out I would need … usually do about 20 minutes 300 calories most times in the gym. Would hit burn more calories?

  25. Dee Lynn says:

    Appreciate your authenticity! HIIT is so great and effective. Definitely a helpful video!

  26. could you do a video on how to warm up and cool down for this hitt sesions? thanks

  27. that speeded up running looks so cute lmao

  28. Maria C says:

    Love doing this but I feel like the grim reaper always wanna give me a high five afterwards.

  29. I'll do speed of 7 lol

  30. Please dont speed it up I wanted to see the actual pace of the sprint and how to slow down. How to start off the sprint. These are important to know but you sped it up .

  31. LifeSkulpt says:

    Yooo I'm glad to see I'm not the only one to do this…but that incline tho….sheesh!!

  32. thankyou sir ,,,, its been a great way to run on treadmill and to loose fat fast…i will try it ……..keeping making more videos

  33. bmouthboyo says:

    Is that 12kmh or mph?

  34. bmouthboyo says:

    Is that 12kmh or mph?

  35. I do a minute of sprints and rest a minute 😂 been killing it. 20 – 30 minutes. Hope I get shredded soon with all the weightraining and meal preps I'm doing 🤗

  36. TA 86 says:

    Wow i can't believe 👏👏

  37. WolloF123 says:

    Is the speed mph or kph? |