Best Hip Opening and Hamstring stretch Great for Runners Cyclists & Athletes True Mobility

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October 12, 2017
Week 41 Weigh-In/Treadmill Dancing/Weight Loss Journey
October 13, 2017

Best Hip Opening and Hamstring stretch Great for Runners Cyclists & Athletes True Mobility

The Quads, Hips, and Hamstrings are the biggest muscles in our bodies. They help to power us through life. If kept healthy they will keep us moving properly. When we don’t dedicate time to stretching and creating mobility, the facia builds up and we get adhesions and knots that keep us from our full range of motion. For athletes, these are super important. Spend a little time to tune up your hips and hamstrings to make sure they are helping you to stay aligned in your practice, and releasing and firing properly. Short, simple, and very effective.

Many of the videos you see on Youtube in this category are of people borrowing space from other areas in the body (like low back) to look like they’re going deeper in the pose. This is ineffective. Don’t be fooled.

Great for runners, cyclists, weightlifters, hikers, surfers and athletes of all kind.

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The Very Best Fitness Tips and Tricks

So you want to attempt your hands at health and fitness? Have you figured out nearly anything about this activity? Have you figured out about the many various forms of workouts which can be used? Have you figured out what consists of a great regimen? If these concerns elevate far more concerns than it is possible to respond to, attempt exploring the ideas listed below.

If you are seeking to do more exercise ,you do not have to pay hrs about the treadmill machine or elliptical. Use a new sport or clean through to unused expertise. You could potentially consider golf lessons, join a group softball team, or consume going swimming. Not only will you understand something totally new, however, your level of fitness will increase and you could get societal advantages also.

If you are an ordinary runner be sure that you swap your working personal trainers at least every 500 miles. Should you don’t swap your personal trainers once the soles have worn-out, you may be working inside an shaky instructor which could lead to joint injuries and ankle joint ache. A worn-out sneaker exclusive also can make the bottoms of the feet to be taken care of in blisters and tough crusty callouses.


  1. Om Gupta says:

    hii i am sahil and mny year handpractice and my testis is lose how to tight

  2. Thank you so much for the 30 day challenge Tim! I'm trying to do it everyday but sometimes it's once every 2… 🙁 I'm finding it's helping a lot with pole dancing classes, particularly the breathing control for poses.

    I tend to have a session after class. Would you suggest giving your body a rest and do it maybe the next day? I was just theorising that the stretch and lengthening helps with the recovery…

  3. Zio Jr says:

    +Yoga With Tim Nice work my man I'm so proud of you!

  4. I'm lookin forward to thoracic scoliosis workout xD BTW Great job. As always.

  5. Hips 'n' hammies, my tightest parts. Thanks for the reminders about the simplest of stretches that are the remedy, Tim. I just have to DO them!

  6. Zach N says:

    Hi again Tim! Don't know if you have seen my other comments on past videos, but your videos have been a huge part of my life for the past 6 months. The benefits just keep coming! This video and the hips/core video you posted just before have made me realize many things I've been doing wrong. To be honest, I may have lightly injured my knee because of things I was doing before I learned from this video and the other hips/core video. Thank you as always though! Such a blessing to have yoga for free and in my own home 🙂

  7. Tim, what is your diet like?

  8. Lexi RM says:

    I am pretty new to yoga, and I am currently doing the 30 day challenge and it is going pretty well! I am a long distance runner and I also do road cycling, so it's safe to say that my hips and hamstrings get super tight. I find that each day of doing yoga practice has made my leg flexibility so much better and has actually made a huge improvement to my other activity. Super happy I found your channel. It's sprung my newfound love for yoga and now I'm a full-blown addict 😍

  9. Hi Tim. Just discovered my hip problem is bursitis. Would you know if it's advisable to do deep hip stretches at this time? Many thanks for your videos.

  10. Very nice video sir Tim you are such a great yoga teacher and I want to meet you once time in my life god bless you sir

  11. gunna use this next time before i lay some pipe namsayin

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