Best Fat Burning Workout (HOW I STAY LEAN!)

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June 10, 2017
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June 10, 2017

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The best fat burning workout is one in which you aren’t simply doing low intensity cardio, but are incorporating weight training as well. The simple fact is, long term fat loss is going to depend on your ability to build as much lean muscle tissue as possible. Metabolically, this muscle tissue is going to increase your resting caloric burn much more than the body fat that exists at this moment.

In this video, I show you a simple dumbbell complex that can be done with a barbell if you have access to a full gym or a more advanced home gym. The bottom line is, this sequence of four dumbbell exercises will get your heart rate soaring and your muscles working in very short order. Perform just 6 rounds this with little to no rest between exercises in the complex and a max of 90 seconds after each round.

Your goal is to perform your complex training workouts at least once a week if not more. The key to successful complexes however is to not back load the complexes with exercises that are using relatively heavy weights or that demand high levels of technical skill. Most trainers that program complexes make these mistakes and also don’t take into account the accumulating fatigue.

In order to combat the fatigue to maintain good form and the integrity of the exercise, you will want to perform this complex with a descending rep sequence. In other words, you will start off by performing 6 reps in the first round, 5 reps in the second round, 4 reps in the third, and so on and so forth until all rounds are done and you are doing just 1rep of each exercise in the last.

Determine the weight you are going to use by choosing your 12RM for your dumbbell overhead shoulder press. Keep the same weight for all of the other exercises in this complex. Again, this is done so that while the weight may be on the light side for the exercises you are performing, it will not jeopardize your body or risk injury when performing them in a fatigued state.

The key above all else is to not rest between movements. Simply transition from one exercise in the complex to the next and try not to rest the dumbbells at all when moving from one to the next. While the first round might not feel like much of a struggle, the subsequent rounds will quickly add up and make you feel as if your fat burning has just kicked into third gear!

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Get in the Best Shape of Your Life By Following These Tips

If you’re concerned about your body’s well-getting but don’t know very where to start your fitness experience, this information is an excellent place to start. It’s flawlessly normal to have inquiries and, in the end, knowing is 50 % the fight! Here are some useful, clear to understand recommendations to assist you soon on your way a good, in good physical shape lifestyle.

Using your favorite music during your workout gets you moving. Music helps you get on track. Your body will react to the beat and start moving to it. Dancing can help pep you up and get your body excited to exercise. If you already love dancing, this will not be a problem. Make sure you move your whole body! Make it a good time. Listening to music helps you forget that you are exercising, thus allowing you to spend more time working out.

For the first day time of hitting the gym, begin little by little. Ensure you get started with reduced weights and slowly job your way up to greater weights. In the event you don’t do this, then the up coming early morning you will be really aching and you will perhaps harm element of your muscle mass or muscle.


  1. Al Gee says:

    Would we agree that this is circuit training? Was wondering if you could do a routine like this with other workouts. ie do pull ups, push ups, lunges, dips, and abs in a similar routine. I usually do this style of workout by doing several workouts in a row and find the cardio kicks in really well.

  2. The second week I perform these exercises daily, but I do not see the result of -5 kg! I managed to drop something, but not 5 kg. I do instead of 6 repetitions 10 then 8 and so on two each time less, when I reach one I do two anyway. In the evenings, there are five approaches to the failure of the bars and a horizontal bar. That is, as you can see even if the program becomes more complicated, it does not work … Unfortunately. Dumbbells that you understand from me on 13 kg (13+13), it so to a word … The diet is present (fish, vegetables, a breast, all without oil and fat, a potato, sugar and flour I do not use including porridges). Where are the results Cavalier? Maybe something is wrong with the translation? Explain why there is no promised result? Thank you. Sorry for my english I'm from Ukraine.

  3. if i give em a go will it hurt my gains??

  4. bmburford says:

    This is such a good idea. And what's great about it is if your stuck at home and dont have but 15-20 lbs dumbells. U can start at 7 or 8 reps.

  5. But does Jeff djent?

  6. scchi2 says:

    Love this shit here!!!!

  7. I looked it up. "Funnest", not a word…

  8. ALO DYAK says:

    I could do this in my tractor trailer thanks

  9. Hassle_Jav says:

    Is he sick? He looks like he's super tired!??

  10. I had not heard of the diet “sowo amazing plan” (Google it) till my buddy talked so really about it when they dropped nearly 16 lbs. Consequently of course I read straight into detail about it on google.

  11. pakijew4 says:

    i have watched Jeff videos from 2009 till now…..and this exercise is the best …..

  12. Jeff Satan says:

    This one is no joke. I had my doubts before I tried it at the gym today. I'm a believer!

  13. Hey Jeff. I travel a lot for work- any fat burning, total body workout videos one can do in a hotel room? I've been doing this 7min, 12 exercise HIIT workout & while it can be tough depending on the intensity level, I feel like it doesn't target or engage certain areas as hard as others. Any thoughts or videos would be greatly appreciated.

  14. Yaseen MJ says:

    This workout has more strength training movements rather than cardio movements. So can u actually burn fat through thus workout?

  15. I actually tried this diet program myself having seen how my good friend benefited from it. At first I of course wanted to do that and I have dropped a grand full of 13pounds from the “sowo amazing plan” (Google it). This specific really was a life changer for me and I feel so much healthier.

  16. that's really awesome!
    what types of exercises can I do if I soccer injury in my knees?

  17. is jesse his brother?

  18. Does this fit into a "day" like "Arm day"; "Back day"; "Legs day", somewhere between those days, or as part of a different routine altogether?

  19. Thank you for the workout. It has my thumbs-up. I tried it for the first time today. Yes, it was a great cardio replacement. I haven't sweat this much doing treadmill or cycling workouts. I plan to use this as my cardio day routines over the next 8 weeks to fully review it. The only negative thing is that its hurts/burns your wrist towards the end, holding on to the dumbell. But it is such a simple fun cardio. Thanks again.

  20. This is certainly my first successful diet plan. If only this diet would have been in my life a lot earlier. I know I would of lost a minimum of 8 more pounds. Google “sowo amazing plan” to find out more.

  21. I tried this one but I didn't understood that I had to make a break before every new set(I kinda skipped the video to watch the exercise). I finished it in 6 minutes and I thought that I would die! I re-watched the video to see If I missed something. Well…. I did…

  22. Is this also possible while sitting down? The reason I'm asking this is because I am bound to my wheelchair if I don't have something to hold and keep balance.

  23. The One says:

    Do you provide any programs for those on budgets? Like still in university/college budget.

  24. how many times a week should i do this workout?

  25. BeigeFunk says:

    but isn't this an anerobic workout? is that just as good as aerobic workout for burding fat and improving cardiovascular health?

  26. Unsure of the rest period after a circuit.

  27. Have you noticed jeffs skin around whatever muscle he is working starts to turn a reddish color when he works it?

  28. Gonna totally start this next gym day

  29. what should be the rest time between each round ?

  30. Sam W2 says:

    How do you put the weights on the shoulders without losing balance?

  31. we do daily workout complete your body. I m live in pakistan

  32. Finally, I came across a diet that is easy to follow. Shortly, I will certainly lose 8 more lbs with “sowo amazing plan” (make sure to google it! ).

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  34. Nick S says:

    thumbs up for having Djent as the workout music!

  35. Nicely explained. Should we do this exercise on daily basis or alternate days?

  36. etoledo18 says:

    you forgot to throw in a "push" … a crush grip dumbbell pushup… is wat do.

  37. mnybags07 says:

    Can this be done daily?

  38. It's actually "funnerists"

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  40. if I am gonna do it twice a week this will cut fat and not muscle mass?

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  42. saibabax says:

    I have actually done this workout but with a pipe, since i dont have dumbells, and i can say first hand, it works great.

  43. John Mc says:

    I'll be doing this tonight at home. day 2 no gym cause of a big red scabby spot on the forehead |