Top 4 Wall Ball Exercises
June 16, 2017
Swimming Pool Intermittent Fasting: Weight Loss
June 16, 2017

The Best Diet for Fat Loss is………….. You’re gonna have to watch to find out.. but my answers might shock you..
I talk about, The Keto Diet, Carb Backloading, Intermittent Fasting, Bro Diet, and IIFYM…. all very popular diet.


Here are some article for these to explain them a bit more:
Bro Diet:
Carb Backloading:
Intermittent Fasting:

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Ways to Whip Your Body Into Shape

Physical fitness might be loads of fun and there are plenty of techniques to possibly improve after your state of health or alter your physical appearance completely. So regardless of whether you want a lot more solutions to make yourself look much more like what you would like or if you want to improve your health, look into the ideas in this post.

Music is a great way of spicing up your workout routine. You will have sustained energy and enthusiasm by listening to a series of pulsating, rhythmic tunes. People seem wired to get up and move when they hear music, and taking advantage of that for weight loss purposes is a no-brainer. By listening to music you love, you will not be focused on the workout but on the fun, infectious music.

make certain you stretch right after every work out. Your muscle mass will clump with each other after a workout and can continue to be that way. You need to stretch them in the market to lessen feasible traumas that may happen, and it will surely also lessen the tenderness in your muscle tissues once the work out.


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  3. The accent tho 😍😍

    Great video, great progress, and great advice!

  4. I highly disagree with your comment. Different diets for different people. It's not only because it fits their life style because they like it. Sometimes a person don't like it but it works best for their body type.

  5. Following you! Amazing job

  6. WAN SHUKRI says:

    if i wanna do a fat loss( cutting) workout, what is the best way to do. a high reps training or weight trainning so that i can minimize my muscle lost?

  7. Definitely the best explanations and common sense thinking I've heard thus far … thank you!

  8. How About working out hungover? Can't find any decent answer on it, love the tips man keep going coach!

  9. first last says:

    there is only one way to gain or lose weight. burn more than you consume (lose) or consume more than you burn(gain)

    no matter how much you lift, to gain you have to consume.
    no matter what you eat or how, to lose you have to burn more.

    i agree, anything else is about money.

  10. Kesha B. says:

    Great Video! You said it best about Calorie Deficit! Whatever diet plan you consider, you must watch your portions. You can lose weight without exercise, if you watch your calorie intake.

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    Okay Jesus, I was doing just fine before you flashed this beautiful being on my YT feed. 😞😔So not fair.

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    Damn are you single?

  13. So do macros even matter???

  14. trenbologna sandwich diet

  15. Yes on point got me wanting to get it together love tha video

  16. Real Talk, been strugling with conflicting info, and when it comes down to it its just common sense with nutrition and working around your training and daily life,.. my man is military and so no tupperware boxes on the go lol!! loved yr other video beauty and the beast bulking verses fat loss, i too will be sucking on my haribos mid work out and boy mister mister will be sooo pleased knowing that he can have rice cakes with nutella and six of them !!!!!!! lol guys keep up the good work and being inspirational.. xx

  17. great video new subscriber

  18. Thanks so much for sharing however Intermittent Fasting is not a diet (and there are 6 different ways you can do it)'s an eating schedule..I'm tracking my progress on my channel with IF and getting great results. TFS

  19. awesome, I learn something,thanks

  20. awesome. thanks for this, feel a lot better and confident about my current eating habit

  21. awesome. thanks for this, feel a lot better and confident about my current eating habit.

  22. awesome. thanks for this, feel a lot better and confident about my current eating habit.

  23. 1msnicky says:

    👏 👏 yaay lol loved this video! And admire that you stated that they pretty much do the same thing. My question is regarding the hcg that is claimed to be produced from intermittent fasting. Would this still be considered no different than the rest?

  24. All the searching I've done to find someone who knows their stuff and explains it simply, glad I found this mothertrucker

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    29 seconds in and you're cute AF!! I lowkey didn't hear what you said after that.🙈

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    I strongly support this video bro. I was telling a group of people this the other day and I was met with tons of arguing for no reason.

  29. One of your best vids Gabriel……NUTRITION NUTRITION NUTRITION! If this isn't correct for what you what to achieve…you are wasting your time. Good shit.

  30. true that all of them do the same things on a deficit, i feel it's important to realise the hormonal effect all those different diets give, aswell as the health aspect of each given diet. IIFYM for example has very little regards to your daily vitamin/mineral intake (which makes it a bad thing), or IF is mainly to become more insulin sensitive (which makes it a good thing). Choosing the correct tool for your deficit is as important as the deficit itself.

  31. good vid. its all about following your own lifestyle. sadly alot of people copy others and then complain why it doesnt work for them. knowing thyself is important

  32. MrLappis says:

    John Luther… We meet again my friend!

  33. More on the non-weight related benefit/drawbacks of each. Health, lifestyle etc.

  34. So glad I found your channel. Your videos are fantastic, keep them coming!

  35. Jenny Hall says:

    I understand that there is evidence that carbs in the eve as in carb backloading triggers insulin and subsequently growth hormone…. thoughts???

  36. This man knows what he's talking about…Respect!

  37. joblagz says:

    all these diets work. its people that dont.

  38. john king says:

    he's spot on! finally no bullshit! imma sub just because of this vid solely

    the results end up the same but how you feel during each diet is the main concern…some people feel like shit during the initial keto phase some dont…some get massive carb cravings..some dont…some people like me don't get any symptoms and i don't feel bloated…these kind of things is what makes a diet work or not work for some people.

    a diet is just how you eat…how you diet is up to you whether its a surplus or deficit or if you're maintaining…doesn't matter what/how you eat if you understand what your maintenance level is and your goal whether to bulk or cut. if you eat 100 calories from a bag a chips and 100 calories of meat from chicken…it's still 100 satiating it is, is another story…but calories are calories at the end of the day.

  39. Good information Gabriel,so basically your saying what every your caloric intake is you need to burn more calories than you consume in day for maximum fat loss.

  40. Gabe im really glad i subscribed to you

  41. If you start with the word DIET then you are on a wrong aproach ….

  42. okay if I work 10 hours a day ok from 6:15 in the afternoon till 4:45 in the morning so if I drink protein drink in the mornings when I get up cuz I should sleep most of the day and drink protein drinks at night to supplement my food and eat like middle of the day but then on my good days I go work out when I have time and the gym doing nothing but cardio with that help me burn fat faster or tone up faster what would that be I'm not I'm new to this so what do you suggest

  43. I believe the carb back loading is a thing because it works by keeping your insulin levels down because you don't eat carbs for "X" amount of time… same principle as IF and time restricted feeding.
    But good summary!

  44. When carb backloading, what do you do after a morning workout? Hold of the Carbs untill the evening? or get a carb load right after training to spike insulin response? |