Best Cardio For Fat Loss – Treadmill

15 Minute Yoga Class – Binds
June 1, 2017
10min Of This Burns Belly Fat Fast : 100% Bodyweight Workout
June 1, 2017

My Run Treadmill –

what’s the best cardio for fat loss and increasing fitness when it comes to the treadmill? Well the truth is much like anything else it fitness, it really depends on the individual, their goals and lifestyle.

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Please only attempt exercises from this video if you are fit to do so, if unsure please consult your health care professional first!

Great Ideas for Getting in Shape

Remain healthy for a long time by integrating physical fitness in your everyday living. You don’t must devote hrs over a exercise routine a few minutes put aside on a daily basis is ample. This article listed below gives you some great advice to work with within your day-to-day exercise routine.

Attempt to exercise numerous components of the body simultaneously. You can expect to enhance muscular durability and shed weight speedier should you do exercises that shift more than one place. You may exercise your thighs while experiencing weight loads in your hands or you can shift your arms while running over a fitness treadmill machine.

If you are searching for the bonus to help you to adhere to via with a fitness instructor, take into account paying the fitness instructor upfront. When you are like many people, you will end up more prone to follow through once the dollars had been invested, in comparison with dollars that is certainly continue to in the bank.


  1. keep it to 2.5 and you lose all kinda body fat if you go any higher and you lose all kinds of muscle.

  2. This is seriously helpful thanks guys! I started my journey at 340 lbs and currently lost 75lbs and my weightloss has slowed! I have been vlogging my journey if anyone does want to check it out! Thanks again guys it's a big help! 💪🏼

  3. Janee Alli says:

    is he related to Jim ? Tanya burrs husband ????

  4. If I do this about 4 times a week will I lose weight? I've been running about 3 miles everyday for the past month and a half and I've stopped seeing results

  5. Im 51 and after watching you both for the last 4 weeks I feel 21 !! And look better than I have for years..Just awesome work. Keep doing what you do guys..

  6. I can do hiit but I'm not sure it's the fastest way to lose fat. Should I switch to steady state cardio or should I keep doing hiit? What I hate about regular cardio is like you said bores me to death but I would be willing to try it if it's better than hiit. What do you think?

    And Thank you guys. Stay awesome 👌🏽!

  7. fjvd123 says:

    you look awesome and we love you.

  8. I have a question that has yet to be answered. I am on psych meds and cannot seem to lose weight. I have been on psych meds that supposedly will enable me to lose weight, but they come with terrible side effects. I have been to an endocrinologist/nutritionist and he spoke out of two sides of his mouth. First, he said that the psych meds I'm on do not interfere with metabolism and then, second, he asked me if I wanted to be put on a daily inoculation of a drug that stops the brain from thinking it needs to eat. I just want to get in shape AND lose weight. Do you have any suggestions? I am 5'6 and weigh 208 lbs.

  9. Kristian says:

    why is jim chapman a fitness youtuber now? 😀

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  11. that black T-shirt guy looked like Ali a😂

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  13. Elle Kene says:

    I wish I had you as trainers in my gym, your energy is fantastic!

  14. Ava Silva says:

    you look like Sam very much

  15. I do HIIT cardio once a week and still not lean.

  16. stale says:

    Hey, I'm 15, lost 20 pounds, 13.5% body fat, but I still have a sort of bubble of fat on my lower abdomen. What do you
    guys recommend I do?

  17. can we do hiit or liss on empty stomach? and does it effect on muscles?

  18. ❤️ you and you look awesome! 😋

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  21. I do Hiit on a Rower. And it's killing

  22. A tutorial is nice; a demonstration would have been better.

  23. amna says:

    is this jim chapman's twin or something? you look freaky alike

  24. federogna says:

    Hey guys! I was wondering what it the best way to build up my strenght in doing pushups. Is it better to do pushup on the knees or to do it lets say on a bench and then gradually lower on the ground? I hope what I wrote makes sense 🙂 You're awesome! Thanks xx

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    sexy bois,love u loads,xx

  26. Snushore says:

    Great channel you guys have. Just found out about you. SUBBED…

  27. can. Do this been toaday. At collge. Am going tmower aswell I run 35 55

  28. best is the rowing machine ! treadmill sux!!!

  29. one question .. u can have six pack if u keep running or you got to do some skills to six pack ?

  30. thanks guys
    your video was very helpful

  31. if I can do more than 2 sessions a week does that mean im not doing it well?

  32. it is a little hard for me to understand you bouth, but i'd love trying 'cause you two look so hot. And i also like the tips jaja, bye

  33. you look awesome, + to motivation, and great advices as well, really helpful when you're starting working on your body

  34. Nick Roof says:

    so where would walking at on a treadmill at 3.0 on a maximum incline for 20 minutes fit in?

  35. TT 123 says:

    I love this channel. Love from Kuwait

  36. i love your advices

  37. How long should a 15 year old girl do cardio all together?

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  39. As both a fitness and video professional, I must commend you on consistently great content! Thanks!

  40. Any tips on how to exercise when you have chronic migraine and get dizzy and nauseous really easy and frequently? I used to love the treadmill on a heavy incline.

  41. Does HIIT cardio makes the heart rate extends to a level when you not only burn fat but also burn your muscle?

  42. that's awesome ☺

  43. I love how you guys always get right to the point while still keeping it entertaining! Always giving me new ideas of things to incorporate into my training. Keep it up!

  44. I want to be lean and strong.. This is what i was looking for.. subbing

  45. crunta says:

    Well done lads – great video |