Before & After 70 Pound Weight Loss Transformation

Rowing Exercise Challenge | Next Level 8-Week Challenge | Week 2
June 2, 2017
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June 2, 2017

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Apply the Following Ideas to Get Fit

Getting started with a fitness program is usually a hard stage. Many people have amounts of time while they are hitting the gym and exercising after which something throws them away, a physical injury, an unsatisfactory mood or perhaps a busy time at work. Following the split, it’s hard to get going again. Still others have never ever commenced a fitness program. This article offers some suggestions for obtaining started on a fitness program.

Get some friends to join you when you exercise. Workouts are a great place to socialize and have some fun. Having a friend to talk to will take your mind off the workout. Friendly banter can be a diversion. Bringing friends along will make your workout tons of fun.

You may boost your physical fitness in less time on a daily basis by picking exercise routines which do double duty. As an example, when performing squats, do bicep curls employing lighting weight loads, even though performing lunges, raise the weight loads directly up. To acquire the most out of every single exercise, be sure you pay attention to employing proper form for techniques.


  1. So how do you deal with sagging skin and stretch marks after loosing the weight

  2. Being skinny and fit man I can say with all honesty… fat chicks have more fun!

  3. Good job my love, I have done almost the same 15 years ago and now I going back to ten fifteen kilos.

  4. got me motivated SO much! you are gorgeous

  5. Sunny Pup says:

    This was so inspirational. Btw does anyone know what the music is the first minute or so? :p

  6. good job glad you stopped your other bad habits as well praise God!

  7. Elga ratsa says:

    You are my inspiration, thanks for your advice, i lost 5 Kgs in 20 days :')

  8. sadly i came from a bulimia past.. i first tried raw till 4 … it didn´t work, than i went to potato cleanse.. it didn´t work… i was vegan for over a year, than i came back to meat (but no dairy) and until today, i haven´t lost one gram. i track my food, i workout four times a week… i literally could cry everyday when i see myself in the mirrow, cause nothing seems to work on me…. what is wrong with me? i was at several doctors, tested my blood, if there might be something what holds my weight loss back, but i´m healthy and everything is really fine….

  9. Jolly Joel says:

    I must eat a lot because I can cook and I eat what she is showing in the video but I'm not really losing weight.

  10. Ta ha says:

    Would you still Show yourself in underwear? Or are you ashamed of excessive skin?

  11. alice dees says:

    I'm at 230 right now just had a baby a year ago that nearly killed me and I'm really interested in the but with two kids and only one parent working I can't afford it maybe when she comes down on the prices so I won't have to do my own research

  12. Omg so inspirational!

  13. You are amazing. There are so many looking for their motivation. I am certain your story will continue to help others. My two cents worth here

  14. Kathy Tham says:

    How do you prevent having loose skin???

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  16. THIS IS FUCKING INSAAAAAANNNNEEEEE I thought you were like my age?! Around 23-25? Dang girl. You look fricken amazing

  17. I thought you lost weigh from intermittent fasting–according to another one of your videos.

  18. Wow, so inspiring! Xx

  19. What did you exactly eat? And avoid?

  20. kasiawrz says:

    you're amazing!!! congratulations! 😀

  21. Ioana :D says:

    She is so cute idk why awee

  22. jesus, you look so good!

  23. Weronika M says:

    What about wrinkles after slimming?

  24. You were so damn beautiful when you were thick.

  25. If you can do it so can I! thanks 😊

  26. I have a question, my thighs are huge, and my upper thighs and butt have a lot of cellulite, I'm starting my fit journey and wondering if once I tone up if that will go away, or is there something else I need on top of what im doing?

  27. Anders says:

    Wow, crazy transformation…and on the starch based diet even.

  28. To the kids who's parents only eat fast food or won't buy healthy: talk to a counselor or teacher at school about what's going on. Not being well feed is abuse and you deserve healthy food no matter how rich or poor you might be.

  29. Wow, congratulations on getting to where you wanted to be in your long journey! Not only your body looks good but I noticed your facial expressions are much brighter and also you look whole heap younger than before. I am happy for you

  30. thank you !, try to compare with this one

  31. dslims1 says:

    do not go on a carb diet if you want to lose weight. Do stop drinking doing drugs and start exercising which actually made her lose weight |