Basic Step Aerobics Workout – Quick 2 Combos – Fitness Cardio Burn Beginner

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June 8, 2017
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June 9, 2017

Basic Step Aerobics Workout – Quick 2 Combos – Fitness Cardio Burn Beginner

Quick beginner to basic step workout that’s easy to follow. Learn 2 fun combos in a short amount of time, then perform them together at the end. The first combo combines 3 great moves, and the second one is a little more athletic for a great sweaty cardio push. Perfect if you’re short on time. Anyone can do this step aerobics workout.

Warm-up is wrapped into the main workout, then boost metabolism, shape your lower body (butt and thighs), build lean muscle, and get nice and sweaty all while having fun. You can join in on the power bursts in the second combo, or keep it low impact. (Modified options are cued throughout the entire workout.)

This workout was filmed at 130 bpm. I used a simple beat track in the background in case you want to play your own favorite music as we step together.

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  1. Tiny Head says:

    I follow a few of your routines but this one was too confusing for me. after 10 minutes I gave up as the changes were too quick and not clear enough. still loving your other videos!

  2. Veronica S says:

    Your workouts are upbeat and positive and worth doing. Thank you for helping to keep Step Aerobics alive and well!! I just learned that this particular move – stepping- is an excellent movement for my aching body parts/too little used muscle groups πŸ™‚ The levels you provide are encouraging me to get back into it. Thank you for what you are providing!!

  3. Nexus says:

    too confusing…too many things happening to get a real grasp on the workout. Shame

  4. just started after a knee op two years ago love this vid πŸ™‚

  5. Lillah75 says:

    I like your videos but I find the pace a bit too fast for me as I am heavier and I can't do everything 'in time'.

  6. I just love Jenny's videos. I've lost 20lbs on just the beginner videos (and walking everyday for at least 30 minutes), I will try this one next time. Always good aerobic fun with Jenny!

  7. I have a round step bench, does that matter?

  8. Awesome workout, Jenny

  9. Mary Klima says:

    Excellent workout.please keep them coming

  10. I haven't done step in years, just wanted to get back at something. I'm definately enjoying these tutorials – tried it today with out the stepper but I can't wait to get my stepper.

  11. I use these quick steps to warm up for a strength workout.. thank you…

  12. Jenny Khe says:

    Love this too! Jenny :)) Gets my heart pumping esp the charleston. Great combo Jenny…way to go !!! Thank you….hugs and kisses <3

  13. So much fun skippin' today with you Jenny!

  14. Beth C says:

    Fun as always, thanks Jenny 😊

  15. Mary Klima says:

    Great workout, really had my heart pumping

  16. Another great workout! I really enjoyed it! I like just having the beat, too. Thanks for all you do! With your help, I've lost over 10 pounds this year!

  17. Amy J says:

    This was perfect for my workout this morning!

  18. Elmo 0704 says:

    This was SO MUCH fun!!!!!!!!! Thanks!! <3

  19. I'm so excited to try this Jenny! Only thing I'm concerned about is I was told in order to lose weight I need my heart to be pumping for 45 minutes or more. Is this true? Will this 20 minute workout help me lose weight?

  20. Hi Jenny! Great new video. Perfect timing for me, as I will be testing how I feel each day for a while. This was easily modified to stay very low impact. And short enough I know I am saving energy for work :). Thank you so much! |