Backbends for Beginners | Yoga with Celest Pereira

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June 25, 2017
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June 25, 2017

Hey my loves, this video is full of great training tips if you’re a beginner and you want to improve your backbends. xx

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Out of Shape? Try These Ideas and Start Slimming Down

If you’re worried about your body’s effectively-simply being but don’t know very where to start your exercise experience, this post is a great starting point. It’s properly typical to possess concerns and, in fact, understanding is half the fight! Below are a few helpful, straightforward suggestions to help you soon on your way a proper, in shape life-style.

If you would like enhance your ft . rate, then try this. First, remain with the feet aside at around trendy-width. Have the hands lower on your edges. Lift your kept ft . out, and effect the ft . with the right hand. Set that ft . lower, and after that repeat this with the complete opposite ft . and fingers. Try this as fast it is possible to for around 20 secs each time. Do around 3 to 5 collections.

Summer time heating really can help it become challenging to get out and acquire the exercise that you want and want to get. Try to beverage a minimal calories slushie prior to or soon after your manage. It would amazing your body temp lower and provide you a relaxing strategy to rehydrate right after a long term.

Working out can be a ton of fun. Use these tips in order to add fun into your exercise routine.


  1. This was a well done video lesson. You did a fantastic job explaining how to do a proper backbend and I am excited to try it!

  2. Simbee Soh says:

    Do you have an instagram?

  3. Michelle S says:


    Cel ! I totally just did this. I used my blocks again the wall and voops up I went ! Dankie Dankie <3

  4. I just love how you explain things so clearly and thoroughly! 🙂

  5. thanks sooooo much Celest for that important info on what not to do after the back bend .u r such a wonderful teacher n beautiful soul.more power to from the middle east

  6. Helpful as always!

  7. Thanks for those valuable information, especially on how to behave after backbending. Problem for me is that I have scoliosis and therefore a very hard time to get up from the floor and find space in the spine. Fo you have any advice for me? Or should I don't do deep backbends at all as many yoga journals write in their articles? Many thx and have a nice Easter Monday 🙂

  8. Hi Celest, I really enjoy your videos and your energy and joy. Regarding the backbends I have a question for you. Are these ok in case of lower back pain? Thanks. Kisses. You are great 🙂

  9. teachdanz says:

    Very informative!! I teach acre dance and was a gymnast as a kid and we were always taught to roll out our spines right after a bridge. I am going to incorporate the glute bridge and spine twists for recovery.

  10. lsmx says:

    Backbends used to be my biggest challenge but a video you did a while back on them actually helped me get into my first ever backbend! thank you so much

  11. thanks for sharing, I had no idea I was risking injury by knee grabbing immediately after backbends.

  12. thanks for sharing, I had no idea I was risking injury by knee grabbing immediately after backbends.

  13. Brilliant advice. I'm quite stiff as I have fibromyalgia so going to invest in a ball to get started with these gently. Awesome video as always. Xxx

  14. you are amazing. xxxxx

  15. I love this Celeste. My flexibility improvement project had been put on hold for a while, but I am back on track now and these tips are really going to help me as I start working on my backbends again 🙂

  16. I'm loving these tutorials! would you make one for more advanced back flexibility? I am trying to get my needle! love ya cel!

  17. Yaaaaay omg i love it |