Analytic Bouldering : The Importance of Body Strength !

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July 17, 2017
Single Leg Kick
July 17, 2017

Core/Body Strength or Body Tension contributes greatly to overall Climbing Performance, and is in my opinion often underrated. In this Analytic Bouldering episode I’m going to feature three different problems, all with their own, interesting Body Strength component, in order to demonstrate the Importance of this capability.

Don’t forget to rate, comment and share if you’ve got something from this video, and if I could inspire you to dedicate your next session to your core, you maybe should check out these workout tutorials:
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Analytic Bouldering : The Importance of Body Strength !

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  1. I eat Jews says:

    No point in worrying about "ripe" fruit unless it's still on the plant. At that point it's just rotting. The only thing that will change is the taste and not the nutrition. Cheers mate, your channel is great btw

  2. Buen dia Mani se que es mejor escribirte en mi idioma y no hace mal uso del ingles por eso quiero agradecer los videos guiados a la escalada deportiva.
    Llevo escalando 2 meses y es genial todos los consejos y ideas para mejor aparte de la alimentacion es muy sencilla y muy nutritiva para el organismo.
    Agradesco mucho todo esto y quiero que sepa que cualquier duda estare escribiendole. De ante mano muchas gracias y cuando venga a Colombia-Bogota me avisa y vera aqui este deporte tambien cobra mucha fuerza. adios.

  3. What was that orange seedy vegitable he used?

  4. Kevin Peng says:

    Such a good video man, I always love how you show a lot more than just your thoughts on climbing technique in every one of your videos πŸ™‚ Keep it up, so interesting to watch you haha

  5. hani shawa says:

    protons and proteins aren't the same thing

  6. hey Mani!Where do you get the B12 from?Keep on with the chanel!very interesting

  7. Can you make a video on a strengthening tutorial on front levers and one arm pull-ups.

  8. just say butt next time. it got strange when you kept saying ass muscles.

  9. haso323 says:

    i love your videos. They are so well thought, organized, helpful, and entertaining! Thank you!!!

  10. Sal Solis says:

    love your editing style

  11. wow thats dense packing of holds

  12. I'm the climbing programmer!

  13. e13c7r0nic says:

    I love all the different angles when you're doing the first problem.

  14. e13c7r0nic says:

    Another great video!

  15. I Love this style of video Mani! Watching you analyze a route is great, helps my own technique improve!

  16. wasn't really looking for a video on making protein shakes, and the volume is way low man, speak up

  17. joe nguyen says:

    Mani, by body strength I believe you mean body tension whilst climbing am I correct?

  18. Those walls look pretty crowded, does it ever get annoying accidentally using a hold when you meant to smear or flag?

  19. Marc S says:

    Hi man, I'm from france and i really like your videos ! πŸ™‚ One question : what do you put into your morning shaker ? Thanks bro πŸ™‚

  20. Haha you said PROTON instead of Protein twice xD Cool video though, I love body strength intensive problems, especially long lines through a roof πŸ˜€

  21. Pls tell us what's in your morning-shake

    Thanks from Salzburg

  22. numice says:

    I was surprised. I thought it was someone else until I heard your voice. I think you have kind of unique tone.

  23. CharveL88 says:

    Great video focusing more on core strength specifically related to climbing than finger strength which is refreshing for an older climber like me (47) who has to ration his crimps but still wants a good workout every session.

    Question for you though, my climbing sessions are usually core focused and pretty intense over a 3 hour period. I drink a protein shake with added L-glutamine (5g) and creatine (5g) on my way home. Should I be adding more carbs as well? Being such a long session I need at least a full day's muscle recovery, but should I be taking anything besides water during the session?

  24. You know that less ripe bananas are more healthy right….?

  25. jendaser says:

    Sooooo great! Would love to see more analytic bouldering videos. Your diet is ridiculously clean, do you ever indulge in vegan junk food?

  26. Das neue Logo und der neue Abspann sind echt gut geworden. Fehlt nur noch ein neues Profilbild. πŸ˜‰
    Wobei ich ohne eigenes Profilbild nicht viel erwarten kann.^^

  27. Open question: What would you suggest for female climbers who don't feel like they will ever have the kind of body strength needed for problems like this, no matter what they do?

  28. you ever uses spices ? that meal would be great with some kurkuma/oregano/ginger/garlic blend πŸ˜› |