Alton Baker Park Canoe Canal to Willamette River Loop – Oregon Whitewater Kayaking

November 15, 2017
Upside-Down Pilates- Balancing Right Left Asymmetries- Side Waist and Shoulder Sequence- Ask Lisa #1
November 15, 2017

Alton Baker Park Canoe Canal to Willamette River Loop – Oregon Whitewater Kayaking

9/17/16: If you live near Alton Baker Park in Eugene, OR this can be a fun solo kayak workout day. You paddle upstream against a gentle current through the canoe canals that pass by some interesting scenery including Autzen Stadium. There are 4 short portages throughout the run, but you end up at the Willamette River where you get to float gently downstream through mellow rapids to where your car is waiting. Nice way to spend an afternoon when flows are low or you can’t find anyone to paddle with.

Get in Shape Right Now, Slacker!

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  1. Drone Girl says:

    Very nice and lots of fun! Thumbs up from Ireland! 🙂

  2. NZDarren says:

    Thanks, just moved here, going to give this a shot.

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