5MIN BOOTY & AB WORKOUT // Yoga Ball | Pamela RF

“WHY DON’T I HAVE LOOSE SKIN” 100+ Pounds Weight Loss
June 16, 2017
slim me.New V fit rowing machine 20km 15 minutes x 4 30spm 27 1 17 84 9kg
June 16, 2017


The video is in full length which means you can just follow whatever I’m doing! 30 seconds each exercise – NO REST IN BETWEEN.

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Getting in Shape One Step at a Time

Achieving your fitness goals might be a challenging task should you not have good information accessible to you. There exists a lot information out there, you could possibly sense a little confused about how to start. Thankfully to suit your needs, the most effective suggestions are collected right here and you may go through them beneath.

You can figure out your biceps and triceps successfully by concentrating on 1 arm at any given time throughout your exercise. Handle shoulder presses actually develop your biceps and triceps. These presses are more concentrated and you improve outcomes than should you determined each biceps and triceps concurrently.

Physical fitness specialists advise performing gradual and sustained stretches 3 to 7 days a week. To learn how to conduct stretches effectively without having the get worried of doing harm to the muscles, you could possibly take into account working with a specialist trainer for a couple trainings at the beginning of your own fitness program to learn how to conduct these stretches effectively. Quite often, should you join a fitness center, these trainings are given liberated to people.


  1. it took me like 5 mins alone to get on the ball and to make it stay still haha

  2. would love for u to hamstring press right on my meat@ deep inside u

  3. Splashh_23 says:

    But can I hit from behind tho?

  4. does it make big butt (i do not want big butt)

  5. How tall are you? I'm 5'2" and if you are way taller then me it means your body's Dan level of slenderness is unachievable for me

  6. my ballet instructor recommended this and I have to say the work out is great, but how does she stay on the ball during butt kicks?!?!

  7. She's so pretty omg and her body is great, I hate myself now!! 😭

  8. The whole time i'm doing the exercises I just laugh cause my facial expressions are the complete chaos compared to hers lmao. KILLER WORKOUT THO!!

  9. Sabina K says:

    "getting ready" for the first exercise should be an exercise itself.

    Especially if you don't have a carpet. My hand is still bleeding from the fall

  10. snsk;aala;aa,.a,aamaakkalan

  11. WHO also has got her book?

  12. Can you do just a butt workout with no equipment, please??

  13. Nice Ass Slap slap you are amazing!!

  14. U make me feel so jealous of ur beautiful body what's ur routine

  15. Good job. Good choice in music, I didnt expect that and they are some of my old jams, so it was really funny. Great job, you will keep me inspired to be my fittest to. You look healthy, not just skinny…

  16. Any boys here for a different reason………..

  17. when i do the bridge i don't feel my glutes but my calves are burning??? like fucking hell?? am i doing it wrong lol

  18. why are you so PRITTY!!!!!

  19. m1ll1on4r3 says:

    Anal all the time !

  20. Hari says:

    this is actually fucking impossible this girls got skill

  21. theFitty says:

    This got straight to the workout and I appreciate that!

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