3 Things You DON”T NEED For Weight Loss And Fitness On The Bike. CYCLING ACADEMY 1.

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June 12, 2017
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June 12, 2017

3 Things You DON”T NEED For Weight Loss And Fitness On The Bike. CYCLING ACADEMY 1.

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Fitness Tips That Are Great

So you should consider your hand at fitness? Do you know nearly anything concerning this activity? Do you know about the many various forms of programs which you can use? Do you know what involves a great schedule? If these questions increase a lot more questions than it is possible to answer, consider exploring the tips listed below.

Don’t physical exercise over a time if you aren’t sensing nicely, or haven’t possessed a lot rest. Should you, you’ll learn that your training session isn’t as rewarding because you won’t have the ability to put completely of your self to your schedule. Take a break and come back to physical exercise when you’re sensing far better.

Repetition and boredom go hand in hand. It is important to have a varied exercise routine to stay motivated. Instead of always running on a treadmill, switch it up by going outside. You are more likely to stay motivated to keep exercising regularly if you change your routine from time to time.


  1. Nick says:

    turbo trainer and zwift, then 3 x a a week is no problem😰

  2. Skip to 2:58 for the goods! Awesome advice, but his intros can be a bit chatty. Again, good advice tho…

  3. Very good video,I love the way you use the word cool.I have also told folks who want to get into cycling.I was kidding but would tell they don't need but two things ,Desire and money.Your practical and fugal advise dispels my advise,excellent!

  4. Thanks for movie, Great episode. I started this year my adventure with a bike just as you mentioned, to treat it more likely like a time to relax between gym sessions and found that bike gives so much enjoy, abilities to visit places where usually I would not drive. After my first seasson with result of almost 2500 km which is for sure not much I wait for next movies to learn more. Hopefully there will be lesson about efficient recovery, because I found many times that on one day I could easily ride on bike with not much effort drive many kilometers, but on other day my legs felt like from Iron, even if in between was a recovery day. Looking forward for next episodes!

  5. you're going to get a ton of views on this video just because you have weight loss in the title

  6. Already waiting for the next episode!
    Just a shout-out from a Brazilian fan / cycling friend.

  7. Looking forward to this….so much sense and knowledge in a short video…thanks you for the time you spend making them.

  8. Really loving your channel Shai and good points for lesson1. I like your idea of "find the fun". When it is a beautiful sunny spring/summer day it is really easy to have fun, but I know personally the cold and wet of winter can really kill my fun/motivation for getting out on my bike. I also still have the hardest time getting the balance of layers right (too hot or too cold) so I turbo train a lot in the winter but that gets boring and it is hard to do 1hr on the turbo 3x a week. Maybe do a video on how you find the fun on those wet/cold/turbo days.

  9. Danny,
    Thanks a lot for your channel, a writting from Mexico, I am quite new in MTB and I just love it. Yours advises so far are really good and helpful. Pls keep on going the simple and easy way you share the concepts and knowlege you have.
    I will keep on a close followup on this Academy training. Thanks again.
    Ricardo Herrera

  10. Love the channel. I'm a high school racer in MN your lots of help. Thanks

  11. you're a cool dude Shai bikes

  12. thanks for sharing your passion. I am new to the cycling world. just did my first group ride today. approx 22 miles round trip. question for you: What is a good, and not to expensive turbo trainer?

  13. kon1402 says:

    3 things You DON'T NEED for weight loss: chocolate, pizza, doughnuts. 🙂

  14. This is great advice, Shai, thanks! 🙂

  15. agree with all the points you told us: not about the bling, not about military schedules, its all about simplicity having fun and commitment. all the rest will show up.
    I'm glad I'm subscribed to your videos since the beginning of this channel, Dan. you've come a long way. and you've influenced me a lot in a positive manner.
    thank you so much, mate! 🤘
    regards from Portugal.

  16. Thanks a lot. Great advices.

  17. It's simple: Don't go for upgrades, go up grades! 🙂

  18. Great video dani, just informing that the name "Cycling academy" is kinnda confusing with the newly promoted pro conti team by the same name.

  19. Indulonman says:

    Don't start cycling because of losing weight, start cycling because it's fun and the weight drops on its own.

  20. langbrn86 says:

    Hi Daniel!
    Great initiative on taking your channel to the next level, I really liked you videos for a while now because of your honesty and just telling us how things are from a guy who simply loves cycling!
    Looking forward to learning even more from you in the future, thank you and good luck with your comeback! 😉 (BTW why is the channel called "ShaiBike"?)
    Kind regards from another Daniel in a snowy Sweden

  21. This is great, thank you!

  22. Becca Zyx says:

    Sure, you don't "need" the fancy expensive stuff or elaborate training plans. But it's still funnier if you do have it, that's my experience. Having bad stuff killed my will to cycle in my teens. Now, I can't even look on my bike without wanting to take it for a ride.

  23. Zebedeusz says:

    I like to think about bike as a simple machine; no matter how much it costs it's still the same thing. I had my old bike for 6 years and during this time it become clunky, too many things were defective. Now I bought nice, carbon bike, 29" wheels. I rode it for few times and friend ask me how does it do. I was thinking a bit but honestly there wasn't a huge differance. I mean, yes, there is less annoying sounds, crisps, drivetrain is more reliable etc. but still it's a machine which relies on you

  24. Paul Brock says:

    Great vid and 1000% agree with just getting out and enjoying the ride.

  25. Danny that is the best piece of advice I've heard on you tube " discover the joy and pleasure cycling can bring !" fantastic. I'm a new subscriber from the U.K. I ride mtb rd and cx and I ride purely for fun.My bikes are home built using cheap parts and frames salvaged from skips etc so nothing fancy but I get so much out of it ! Love your channel keep up the good work cheers mate 🙂

  26. I like what you mentioned about washing the bike after a ride. It's very important to keep the bike clean and maintenance of the bike

  27. ride to work if possible its great because then you dont lose your own time so to speak.

  28. I disagree about not needing strong will. If you are an eternal weakling like I might be.. Probably I am. You do need it, but in different sense. You need it, for not overexercising yourself. You need it to keep your own pace.. and to be patient. If you over do, wanting fast results, you won't get fitter. You won't lose fat. Instead you gain fat and ruin your health.

    When ridding alone, and liking to ride alone, then sometime other cyclists on your curse can really be annoying.. I've sometime hatted them. I'm not too sociable when ridding my bike, but seems that a lot of cyclists are really.. well I don't hate oncoming cyclists. I always rise my hand for greeting, but… the ones like some hundred meters behind me are worst.. Can't get away from them, don't want to slow, since they might be those friendly type, talkative.. And cyclists in front. I still get attempted to try to catch up to them.. Like to see what kind of bike they have or something..

    And then the pulse is over 170 and feeling bloated..

  29. Mike Webb says:

    You're totally right about people who buy a bike then spend 3 times as much as they spent on the bike on upgrades and all the kit, then never ride it. Seen it happen so many times.

  30. najważniejsze aby rowerowanie sprawiało radość a później reszta przyjdzie sama czyli co się chce i w jakim kierunku z rowerem chce się iść ..:) bardzo fajny pomysł z tą akademią, tym bardziej taką od podstaw i dla tych co chcą zaczynać przygodę z rowerem

  31. My back pain, my knee pain. Don't forget the ass pain…

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