3 Most Effective Pranayamas – Deep Breathing Exercises

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June 19, 2017
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June 19, 2017

3 Most Effective Pranayamas – Deep Breathing Exercises

Pranayama is a breath-control technique. In Sanskrit, pran means life and ayama means way. Pranayama can help you regulate your system, alter your mood and ensure longevity. These pranayamas are simple, but very effective tool for relaxation.

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If you’re interested in your body’s properly-getting but don’t know really how to begin your exercise quest, this information is a fantastic starting point. It’s flawlessly typical to possess questions and, in fact, being aware of is fifty percent the struggle! Here are some informative, easy to understand suggestions to help you on your journey to a proper, fit way of life.

Once you exercise, your metabolic rate boosts. This may trigger a rise in the quantity of calories that may be burnt even when you are performed along with your work out. For the remainder of the day, following your work out, your whole body continues to lose calories even if you are not personally lively.

In order to really begin a exercise regimen, you need to find something you really like performing and look ahead to performing frequently. This means you will probably have to try various exercise regimens prior to choose one that you want to do frequently.


  1. thank you. Is there a maxiimum and minimum number of rounds for the last two. ALso for the last pranayama is it an exhalation through the mouth or nose. It didnt seem evident from watching her

  2. So what exactly is the difference between Qigong and pranayama? To me I only see the methods they use and the names they call it but to me it sounds like fundamentally what they call tai chi- Qigong

  3. Why she looks so sad?

  4. the first breathing technique you showed was , NAADI SHODHAN PRANAYAM NOT ANULOM VILOM

  5. Speedmarx says:

    One nostril is a little blocked and I can't seem to inhale enough air through it to complete the exercise. Can I inhale through both at the same time? Or do you have any suggestions? Thanks

  6. What the literal fuck is this shit

    Go fucking swimming has better effect and you will feel less like a idiot for doing it

  7. madam I want more sleep and dream with this yoga will beneficial for me.

  8. big willie says:

    I do this all this time while swimming

  9. very useful. Thanks!

  10. caviper1 says:

    What is this for? Can anyone tell me?

  11. Thanks for replying…do you have any video of Surya namaskar…?

  12. Hi I wanted to start this yoga steps as you tell in the video, is this helpful also for the weight loss…?

  13. S Rat says:

    Excellent video once again. THANK YOU .Can you please tell me.. How many anuloma/viloma one should do on a day?

  14. thankyu mama aapne ne breating techniq bahut acha sikahaya hai

  15. maelgwni says:

    Thank you so much 🙂

  16. This is amazing! This really helped me in my day to day stress and anxiety especially on studies!

    While researching more on your videos and on Pranayaama, I found out about a program called Sadashivoham that is a 21 day spiritual retreat by Paramahamsa Nithyananda where He will be giving more info about Pranayaama and Yoga ithrough the authentic forms of Yoga (Mallakhamb, Rope Yoga, Haatha Yoga, etc) ! I've signed up for it and I'm looking forward for the different techniques and amazing strategies to use breathing to regulate my emotions!

    Once again thank you so much for everything 🙂

  17. N says:

    thank you for this

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