3 Fast & Fun Miles – Mile 3 | Walk at Home Workout

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September 17, 2017
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September 17, 2017

SNOW DAY! There’s “REALLY” No Place Like Home…to WALK Yourself Healthy! Here’s a fun 1 Mile for your SNOW DAY! Happy Walking Everybody!


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Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home
Walk at home workout

Fitness Suggestions Everyone Should Try

Health and fitness is a thing that many of us take into consideration at the beginning of annually, then have a problem with temporarily and drain back into our usual practices. Nevertheless, exercise is a thing that could be enhanced upon any period. Please read on for several useful ideas start making use of right away.

An excellent exercise idea you should add to your exercise regime is to develop your forearm strength. This will help significantly when actively playing sports activities. A single method for you to make this happen is by crumpling up papers with each palm. Do this for approximately thirty moments and ultimately, you will see a positive change in your forearm strength.

Fitness and health is mental health and not simply physical, so do your very best to… steer clear of the scales! Scales tend to frustrate individuals particularly when they are examining it every single day to see no progress. A lot of don’t realize that they are losing weight and shaping extra fat but gaining muscle mass simultaneously hence the progress isn’t as obvious initially. It’s a smart idea to weigh oneself a maximum of twice per 30 days. Initially and the middle of the 30 days only to track issues to your exercise regimen.


  1. Hi. Is this the full video? Is it possible to cover up 3 miles in 15 minutes

  2. I feels good after 1 mile exercise. …

  3. this is making me feel really better, @ 60.

  4. Elsa Reyes says:

    Llevo más de 10 años caminando con Leslie y cada vez lo disfruto más. Gracias!

  5. Wow I love this it goes by so fast once I know it it's already over i love it

  6. I'm happy to walk my home… really need to start getting ready for exercise now

  7. i lost 2kgs in 13days..avoided sugar and carbs..thank you so much.

  8. This is great,my testimony loading.

  9. Thank you for getting me walking, you are savingf my life. 😇

  10. Started today lets see………..but its wow…..amazing just 15mints… everyday

  11. Heidi Howe says:

    Grey shirt is JAZZED.

  12. where is this exercise place

  13. i use this all the time stop using it now I have 3 months to lose more weight since my doctor said my sugar is going up and down so far I've lost 10 lb thank God just have to keep pushing myself 206 now 196 it really works if you can't gym like me for working 12 hours a day

  14. Finally a sane workout for us super 50 somethings….stay blessed Leslie always n forever

  15. Debra King says:

    Thanks for the walk it was fun.

  16. Loved Micheal, the guy in the grey shirt. He had me laughing while walking. He probably helped me burn more calories. What more could I want?

  17. V V says:

    Thank you leslie I started today and I lovet

  18. Eva S. says:

    I love this! full 5 miles…The Bomb! I'm 56 I had worked out every day for a month then work in weights with the 30 minutes daily. I got this

  19. Terea' G. says:

    i love the energy!!! they make u wanna exercise just by looking at them lol sooooo imspiring! love leslie ❤

  20. I love you Leslie and your walk too

  21. ellen key says:

    So cool and easy.. but realy worked!

  22. Kelley Jo says:

    I love Michael (guy in the gray shirt) he is having a blast walking. he's inspirational. And he makes me laugh. So what does that mean? That means I get double the endorphins from watching this video! Score!

  23. Thanks so much – I started my weight loss journey with your walks. Very good results!

  24. Started walking @58kgs..goal for 55kgs..Ty much

  25. jus enjoy each and every bit ofyour easy,and healthy walk at home.

  26. MsSimpie says:

    Bring the guy in grey shirt back he made this video awesome..

  27. I love this ..I do this 😊

  28. My first day of walking 8/11/2017 8:10pm

  29. Starlet says:

    Made a lifestyle change 3 months ago with healthy eating. In month 2 I started walking with Leslie. With proper eating and walking with les, Down 47 pounds so far😘

  30. S.M FAITH says:

    The guy in grey really makes me happy and motivates me he's so into it 😂

  31. been walking with you for 5 days I really enjoy thank you for this

  32. hi. ….I started this wak before a month. .now get addicted to this. ..getting results. .thanks for inspiration

  33. How many calories will this burn?

  34. Wtf? Commercials in the middle of a workout? Talk about a buzz kill!!

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