17-Minute Gentle Restorative Yin Yoga Sequence with Blocks

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June 2, 2017
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June 2, 2017

17-Minute Gentle Restorative Yin Yoga Sequence with Blocks

Restorative yoga is the counterpart to an upbeat, high-energy Vinyasa yoga practice. Restorative yoga relaxes and rejuvenates the body, cultivates peace and healing, and promotes overall wellbeing. Every yogi and every body can benefit from a Restorative yoga practice.

Below is a quick and easy 17-minute restorative yoga sequence to get you comfortable with using a yoga block. We will stretch, lengthen, breathe and renew. You will need: a yoga mat and two yoga blocks.

Get ready to feel amazing!

Need blocks?

You can purchase the blocks we used in this yoga sequence here:
Pro Source Yoga Blocks – http://bit.ly/29R33H1

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  1. Amy B says:

    Love this! ❤️

  2. hello could you please tell us what are the sizes of this block

  3. Eltsu 80 says:

    this was awsome, Just what i'm looking for 🙂 … more like these? please!!! i love yogablocks so much. namaste.

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