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June 7, 2017
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Hey guys,

It’s Henry here with Six Pack Shortcuts and today I’m going to show you some alternative exercises to the Burpee.

Burpees are great for fat loss, but some people just can’t do them, or they get bored of them, so I wanted to give you some other options, and here they are:

1:05 – Battle Ropes: You can do a few different variations here with your arms, but the point of the battle ropes is to try and use your strength and endurance to keep the ropes in motion. Get into a bent knee, athletic position to help stabilize yourself and include more muscle groups in the activity.

1:24 – Jumper Push Ups: Get into a push-up position, but instead of pushing yourself straight up from the ground, push yourself back onto your toes with your knees bent, almost like if you were a frog about to hop forward. Come back forward into a low push-up position and repeat.

1:37 – Farmer Walk or Farmer Carry: Grab something heavy in both hands and get moving! Farmer carries work your whole body because not only are you making your legs carry around much more weight than they’re used to, you’re actively working against the weight to keep your posture straight. Change it up and hold your arms in different positions like the top of a dumbbell curl, overhead, or anything else you can think of.

2:02 – Double Dumbbell Snatches: Squat down with your dumbbells in front of you on the ground, with your hips pushed back, almost like a deadlift position. Thrust your hips forward as you use the momentum of standing up to pull the dumbbells up above your head. This movement is complex, so be careful and start with weight you can handle.

2:20 – One Arm Kettlebell Swing: Make sure you’re using your hips in this compound movement to generate an upward force to help the dumbbell move upward. At the top of the swing (shoulder level) switch hands and control the dumbbell as you all it to swing back down while you also return back to the initial, lower squatting position.

2:37: Bench Sprints: Or in this case, tire sprints. For this exercise, start with one leg on the bench or tire. Push off from it as you hop and switch legs so that your other foot will land on the tire. Make sure to use your back leg to stabilize.

3:01 – Sit-to-stand Dumbbell Overhead Press. Incorporate more muscle groups in this exercise that basically integrates a box squat with an overhead press. Sit on the tire or bench with your dumbbells in regular overhead pressing position (directly above the shoulders), and press the weight upward as you stand up. Return the dumbbells to the bottom position as you sit back down.

3:20 – Power Stance Dumbbell Swing – This exercise might look somewhat like the typical front shoulder raise that would normally happen on shoulder day, but with this one, you’re going to put your whole body to work instead of just the shoulders. Bending your knees, swing the dumbbells forward with control – and as you bring them back down, pull them backward to incorporate your back muscles and rear-delts as well.

3:37 – Barbell Clean to Press: Since we’re not olympic lifters, I don’t recommend trying to do very heavy weight at all… The main point will be just to keep your body and muscles working. So from mid shin, pull the weight up as you thrust your hips forward and stand up straight while pressing the barbell over your head. Lower the weight back down with control.

3:52 – Assisted Squat Jumps: Use a TRX or other suspension trainer to help you keep balance and absorb the force of the impact from jumping squats.

Alright guys, that’s all for today. I hope you got some new ideas for some exercises to add into your routine to amp up the intensity and burn some calories to reveal that six pack. Leave me a question or comment below and let me know what you think! In the mean time, use this to get a six pack: http://go2.sixpackshortcuts.com/SH2IR


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Tips for Helping You Become Fit

Exercise can be a lot of fun and there are many techniques to either improve on your state of health or make positive changes to physical appearance entirely. So whether you will need much more methods to make on your own look similar to what you wish or if you would like get a lean body, check out the information in this post.

Many people think that a bodyweight belt may help these with their exercise. Whilst a bodyweight belt helps keep your again and abdominals in range, if you still exercise using the belt, you can expect to in fact diminish these areas. These areas will shed some of the exercise that you just deliver, so you need to stay away from the belt.

When you initially make the decision to condition up, it might be tempting to overcompensate for the previous insufficient fitness and go past the boundary over the top. For those who have been inactive for quite a while, you should go slow-moving and make your stamina. You are going to become injured if you overexert on your own too quickly.


  1. BeastMK says:

    3:58 IS THAT SORT OF TRX??? But 12 excersises just to replace BURPEES? 😀 all are good..WISH I CAN FIND THAT TRX I SEARCH FOR LONG TIME :S:S i`de like those battle ropes as well :S

  2. MNeezy1000 says:

    Wow that was awesome. This is gonna be my new routine which will be done conveniently in my backyard as soon as I buy a big-ass truck tire. Seriously though, how much do they cost?

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    Good exercises, but you said to do these because not everyone can do burpees even though almost every movement you did are more difficult than a burpee for most people. Don't forget that you can modify burpees to fit your capabilities.

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