10 minute Interval Sprint (HIIT) workout for Endurance & Fat loss

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June 17, 2017
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June 17, 2017

10 minute Interval Sprint (HIIT) workout for Endurance & Fat loss

13x100m (50m down and back) sprints with 25 second rest.

Want to see some examples of how to incorporate sprints with your training sessions in the gym? I’ve written three detailed workouts based on your particular training goal (either power & speed, muscle building, or fat loss) that each pair a weight training routine with a sprint routine that complements it. The workouts are very demanding and probably not appropriate for someone who is just beginning to train for the first time, but they can be very effective as long as you take care of your nutrition and recovery are on point!

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Videography: http://www.vickygood.com

Inspired Kevin MacLeod (http://incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

Get In Shape With the Help of These Ideas

Don’t groan if you listen to the word fitness! It could be entertaining seriously! Take time to discover actions that you simply basically take pleasure in carrying out and utilize them to your advantage. Do you enjoy to bounce rope, take hikes, ride a bike, to become outside the house? In that case, put aside one hour to visit take pleasure in these items on a daily basis then you will sense happier should you. Don’t like action by any means? Should you be sitting on the chair watch TV or playing video games by pass the goody and transfer or hands and hip and legs close to in round and all around motions congrats, you happen to be working out! Just take into account some tips to have up and heading!

When hitting the gym, don’t speed by means of weight or standard physical exercise reps. To get the best outcome, do them little by little. Make sure you can actually feel the amount of resistance. Try and avoid carrying out them as fast as possible. This can be a common mistake for people to make after they get way too tired.

make certain you extend following each workout. Your muscles will clump together after having a exercise and will continue to be like that. You must extend them over to minimize probable injuries that will arise, and will also also lessen the tenderness to the muscle groups right after the workout.


  1. Do you want to learn how to combine sprint workouts with your weight training sessions in the gym to maximize your results?Check out the description for more information!

  2. Great video, but I disagree with only one thing. If you are doing sprints at least 3 times a week. I does not matter what you are eating, the fat will burn off. As a former Drill Sergeant, I turned fat guys into slim guys for three years. With sprints, I could get 40 to 50 pounds of fat off anyone in 9 weeks. Sprinting shocks the metabolism and any digested carbs are used as energy. If you do diet just a little bit, the body will use stored fat as energy and its a faster way to lose fat. Yes, watching your caloric intake does help, but not totally necessary for weight loss when sprinting.

  3. I think that you don't know the centrifugal track?
    See the video and the international research.

  4. I'm a futbol player this will increase my speed on the field right? because back in the day I was super fast but now I'm feeling heavy on the field although I didn't gain any weight, so is this exercise routine enough to become fast again? and how much fat does it burn if I did this exercise 3 times a week?

  5. I practiced HIIT (uphill sprints + jumping squats + skips) this winter: no weight loss. I am practicing traditional endurance training (running) since March: lost 5 kg. No diet changes.

  6. Last 5 was like a fast walking. 8 reps would be enough.

  7. thanks for the video dude!

  8. Jack T says:

    You have an amazing body, the kind im looking to get someday. Thank you for the routine, im going to try it within a week.

  9. wat do you eat before a workout like this ? i would like to ad 2x sprinting once a week into my workout shedule

  10. It's a tough workout looks like you went from sprinting to jogging just like me lol

  11. Just did my first workout. Tired but motivated for tomorrow again. To all of you on your fitness journey, keep grinding and stay focused. Your hard work is gonna pay off.

  12. Mark White says:

    Now that was a killer workout! I have seen a decent amount of HIIT training videos, but I haven't seen anyone push themselves like that. You'll definitely be building endurance and burning fat 24/7 after that. Great video, starting off with the warm up tips.

  13. Bob Mag says:

    ratio of exercise to interval?
    1:1? or 1:2?

  14. Is this a good enough work out to do for 4-5 days a week?

    I feel like 15-20 minute warm up followed by 15-20min of actual sprinting time is very low work time compared to other types of athletes who spend 1.5-2 hours of actual workout time whether it be long distance running, weightlifting, etc. Should you also supplement with long distance running/weight training every other day?

  15. about how many calories burned for this workout champ? like a rough estimate.

  16. Anup Menon says:

    Hey Buddy…Need your help with this… I feel shortness of breath after sprinting 200 -300 metres. I however dont have any problems when i m jogging for even 4-5 kms. The sound of shortness of breath is like that of asthmatic patients.. though i dont have asthma…can you tell me why is that so ? Is this shortness of breath common initially during sprinting when we dont have much stamina and goes away after training for sometime ? Or Is something wrong in my breathing pattern while sprinting ? Please help.

  17. Thessalian says:

    Well first time today I tried it…At my 2nd sprint I felt a sharp pain near the harmstring muscle….now im scared to run again so fast

  18. Really helpful video and DAMN you are fine!

  19. I'm just gonna say it. D-A-D-D-E-H

  20. is this way of training for everyone or only for people who has trained for long time

  21. Syed Samih says:

    Great video and great physique.. Can you please make a video of your diet…Regards…Syed Samih

  22. SteveB*94 says:

    How hard do you push yourself on each sprint? It looks like you're preserving yourself so you can do more reps. I thought sprinting meant pushing yourself to the limit every time. I feel like this led to my sore hamstring.

  23. wbrito8617 says:

    excellent!  Im going to start this in the summer.  Thanks JavyTheBody

  24. I like to sprint on an incline.

  25. Sixx says:

    Thanks Roman Reigns

  26. Hey javy, I am a skinny fat person and want to lose belly fat and make my hips and thighs leaner. What should I do for training and diet.

  27. Good thing you weren't running past when that dickhead kicked the soccer ball onto the track! I hate it when people are messing around playing ball games while I'm trying to sprint! It can potentially lead to serious injury!

  28. To cross traían!

  29. Fantastic! thanks for sharing! Keep up the awesome work!

  30. Papa Ash says:

    Is this good to do as my fasted cardio everyday? I lift 5 times a week and i need to lose fat.

  31. Don john says:

    I just started intermittent fasting? Whats your thoughts on that? I am planning to add hiit to it too. How many times a week do you recommend? Do you find it really effective for fat loss?

  32. Hi brother. My weight is 220. My height is 6'1. How many reps should I do to lose 1000 calories? Thanks brother

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