10 mins No Equipment LEG + BOOTY Workout | Slimming + Toning At Home Routine | Get Rid of Cellulite

Method To Ride a Stationary Bike to Remove Ugly Belly Fat
June 10, 2017
Pilates Side Kick Series – Beginner
June 10, 2017

10 mins No Equipment LEG + BOOTY Workout | Slimming + Toning At Home Routine | Get Rid of Cellulite

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This workout video is real time – do it with me! 😀

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Whip Your Body Into Shape With These Tips

Achieving your fitness goals can be quite a daunting project should you not have reliable information accessible to you. There exists a great deal info available, you could sense just a little unclear about where to begin. Thankfully for you personally, the top ideas are obtained here and you may go through them under.

Jogging is a superb exercise. Jogging is easy to perform practically everywhere and the majority of anyone can undertake it. Jogging can help raise the metabolic process. It also helps to decrease blood pressure levels and pulse price. Jogging is additionally excellent to strengthen your own muscles and help you to drop excessive body fat.

To increase the affect your bicep-centered exercises have on that muscle group, try to flex your wrists whilst you do them. Flex your wrists backwards a bit as you perform bicep curl. Although it can experience unusual in the beginning, you will become comfortable with the various situation.


  1. I just love how u always reply to comments!!❤ xo

  2. I like your videos alot. Thank you I improved so much since I started watching your videos

  3. how many time can we do this in the week

  4. Do you do a warm up and cool down? If so, can you include them in your videos? Thanks.

  5. Emily Chin says:

    Omg your body looks amazing and your videos are all so motivational <3 but how do you maintain it? Do you just do the same workout every week?

  6. 5 sauce says:

    It feels so good when you feel the burn in your legs.Am I the only one who enjoys sore muscles?

  7. iameenae says:

    LOL Holy shit those In and Out Squats SUUUUCKED!!! I couldn't keep up with those, but maybe next time. My heart is racing and my legs are burning! I do like how you made this work very 3 dimensional with the Hydrant and the Windmill. That's very good. Also , like someone previously said to give us a few seconds to change positions. If you can try to put in an audible (ie your voice or tone) that gives us a 3 second warning that the current exercise will be over soon and to be ready for the next change/exercise. Remember some of us are looking down (leg windmills or hydrant) and not at the time able to look up to see when the time is up, know what I mean? Other than that, another good work out tonight. I had a food baby I was trying to get rid of! LOL Joy Geen, Emi! I am going to do 50 Jumping Jacks just to be sure! 😉

  8. Khanh Tram says:

    can you please do a lower ab workout video ?

  9. E.C. Mina says:

    I'm nearly finishing my first week doing this and I can see changes on my legs! I don't know if it's possible but I can see it when I wore my pants! It's my first time doing something for a week completely but now That I see changes it makes me keep my motivation! 🎉

  10. please make a video for back fat ..Bdw nice videos i appreciate it .:)

  11. is that workout makes a muscular leg ???

  12. i will do it! 😇😇😇

  13. Pon subtítulos en español sería genial vamos con todo!

  14. Thanks you so much,I was 75kg now I'm 70kg .

  15. Leaf Jeck says:

    So sweaty!!! Love your workout so much 💕💕

  16. Hazel Lo says:

    Love your workout !

  17. that intro is sooo cute <3

  18. Hannah Mae says:

    totally love it, but I notice that I'm losing fat around my thighs but not on my calves 😢

  19. Sinlee Yap says:

    Thanks for the video! sweating!!! haha:D

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  21. Just wonderingg is it better to eat before or after a workout?

  22. how many time i should do this workout a weeek ? plz answer me !! ( My English is not good )

  23. amy dot says:

    Awesome workout. Your outfit is sweet!

  24. MilyaM00 says:

    Woooow~~~ I love this. It's really exciting!!!Thank U very much!

  25. Saara P says:

    This workout is amazing!😍 thank you💗

  26. I'm going to try to combining the HIIT workout with the abs workout, and then HIIT with this leg workout (both pairs on different days, of course). Wish me luck!

  27. hi i want to ask ur body workout suit very nice! where did u get that thanks

  28. Where did you get your workout clothes!?

  29. Driachaos says:

    Is it bad most of these hurt my arms more than my legs ? 😂 great workout tho, thanks so much for posting 💖 it's really motivating me

  30. E.C. Mina says:

    I don't want bulky legs I have so much fat on my inner thighs -.- I don't know if I should try this since they all say squats make bigger legs

  31. Nur Afrina says:

    hey i did this just now and now i felt like i want to vomit whenever i get up from lying on my bed. Does this happens when you only got started doing the workout? anw its an amazing workout and i shall make it as my daily workout

  32. I love your workouts! I'm feel so good after that exercises ♡ I'm in love with your perfect body! Greetings from Poland xx

  33. I just did this workout right after I finished my another 10 minute workout routine. Definitely feels good to be done today!

  34. I've done the 3 workout video and I'm totally dying rn, but it feel so good, I love your videos, can't wait for more ✌✌🙌👊

  35. Albert Lee says:

    Last one, very hard, start from sixth I just watch, see next time.

  36. Hi i Iove your workout and your chanel .It S so motived👊
    Now I do my workout with your training.
    it would be nice that you make a video on the exercise that you do to tonified your arms💪
    kisses from french 😘💜

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