10 mins Beginner Water Bottles Full Body Fat-Burning HIIT Workout | At Home or Travel Routine

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August 12, 2017
Improve Your Balance with TREE POSE || Yoga Tutorial
August 12, 2017

10 mins Beginner Water Bottles Full Body Fat-Burning HIIT Workout | At Home or Travel Routine

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This workout video is real time – do it with me! 😀

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Get Fit Today With These Great Tips

Inadequate physical fitness can in a negative way affect you, equally actually and sentimentally. You have to do a lot of your research in order that you don’t significantly harm on your own training. There are a few ideas listed here to assist you to begin with a training regimen that can do the job and your goals.

A good way to make certain a safe physical fitness regimen is to make certain that you may have fully healed through the earlier day time, just before attempting your brand new workout. You can do this by calculating your morning hours resting pulse rate and looking at it in your regular resting pulse rate. Should it be significantly greater than regular, you want much more relax.

In case you have a dead shrub on your house and are thinking of having a support remove it for you personally, you must reconsider. In the event you minimize within the shrub on your own with the axe or perhaps a chainsaw, and after that slice the logs to firewood with the axe, you will give yourself many excellent exercises and reduce your gas costs too!


  1. Hi Emi
    I'm Avni from India. Been watching your vlogs for a while now.
    I wanted to ask you that I can't really hit the gym. Is it possible for me to lose weights by the HIIT cardio you've posted so far, at home? I'm 67 kgs

  2. ezzyzan86 says:

    hey dear, how many set of this exercise should i do?

  3. KezChannel says:

    in your videos I can do almost everything except the plank positions and something else( can't remember what it is) if I think of it I will changing the part of this

  4. I'm doing this her leg workout and her other hitt workout everyday and I'm gonna do it for 10 day I did them all today ugh mean after the first one sweat was tripping then after the other two the floor is covered in sweat😷😷 I have never been so happy to shower

    Day 2- I did it today and I'm in pain buh I love it so much

  5. i don't understand is this for fat burning or toning

  6. hloo pretty girl❤❤I am taekwondo player ❤❤i need ur help 😊Can you tell me a protein diet??plz tell😊😊i need protein diet😊😊plzz rply me plzz plz😊

  7. Combined this with Christine Salus' workout, absolutely amazing combo!!

  8. Heyyyy I wonder how much calories could this exercise burn. I love your channel and the routines soooo much.

  9. Neila G says:

    can you pls do a lower belly fat workout?? that's really the only fat keeping me aways from getting those flat abs

  10. Neila G says:

    Emi i really need to thank you you've saved my Eid!!i've been doing your workouts for a month trying to get rid of my belly fat for the family gathering i have in two days and thanks to you i've lost so much fat,i'm not perfectly flat yet but i'm almost there

  11. Hi Emily, I really love this video 💕 I wanna ask will you do some stretching after workouts? If yes, what stretching exercises will you usually do?

  12. This workout was so much fun!! Thank you for existing <3

  13. Thank you again for the awesome new routine Emi! Your puppy is SO CUTE!!! and can't wait to try the workout tonight!

  14. _soph.x says:

    Hi I love your channel! This is just a suggestion but since I do the workout along with you so I have the timings right, it would be nice to have some music in the background and maybe a bit less in depth explanation of the moves – I can just copy what you're doing aha! Thanks for providing awesome workouts 🙂

  15. Honest Lo says:

    congrat of 40000 subscribers !!

  16. i ❤👄 ur exercise

  17. I'm really curious to know where ur working out in this particular video? Also thanks for the upload, my body thanks you!! xx

  18. I've been doing your butt and abs workouts and my butt is sooo much rounder and abs tighter! AHH thank you thank you! I love your channel! Love you 😀

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