1-hour Intermediate-Advanced LindaFit Pilates Mat workout

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June 8, 2017
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1-hour Intermediate-Advanced LindaFit Pilates Mat workout

In this 1 hour LindaFit Pilates intermediate-advanced level video, Linda offers some of the more challenging pilates mat exercises such as Leg Pull, Kneeling Side Kicks, and Arm Balance work. Linda breaks down the repertory with precise cueing and detail on form and technique with appropriate modifications for all. Please make sure you have mastered the advanced beginning-intermediate level Lindafit workouts before trying this level. Enjoy!

Follow These Steps to Greater Fitness

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You have to make sure to observe correct kind as you exercising to avoid accidents. Stroll with your shoulder blades back in an upright place. Enable your elbows maintain a comfy 90-diploma position. Your extended left arm should normally be the 1 opposing to the feet that is certainly forward. Initially allow your back heel touch the ground then put all of your feet forward.

Workout videos can provide the solid distraction that you need to relieve the boredom of the same old exercise routine. Have a wide array of videos so that you can do a number of different workouts. A workout video provides excellent direction and fun music that will prevent you from thinking about the actual workout. Instead, you will be wanting to continue pushing yourself.


  1. excellent cues and while challenging, my spine feels wonderful 🙂

  2. I really enjoyed this workout. Thank you very much from Italy.

  3. Dawn Mckee says:

    great teaching points very clear and precise thank yo

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