जल्दी वजन कैसे घटाएं | Running For Weight Loss/Fat Loss

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June 2, 2017
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June 2, 2017

जल्दी वजन कैसे घटाएं | Running For Weight Loss/Fat Loss

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Running/cardio is used by a lot of people to loose weight. There however is a difference between loosing weight and loosing fat. We should always concentrate on loosing fat. Watch the video to know how that can be done.

Tips for Getting in Shape

“Exercise” ought not to be a remote objective you retain on a pedestal. There is no need to maintain adding it away. Fortunately, getting fit do not need to include putting together your whole existence in a status of chaos. You can begin your health and fitness routine by learning easy routines through the write-up under.

If you would like have more large from exercise or go the body creating route, you may have to have a protein nutritional supplement. Healthy proteins nutritional supplements are produced from whey, soy products or casein. They provide protein to the body more rapidly than other types when consumed simply because they may be easily dissolved in water or other essential fluids, for usage.

When you are undertaking repetitions of your exercise, consider counting in reverse to your objective as an alternative to forwards into it. It’s a psychological trick. When you are centering on all those huge phone numbers you have a tendency to believe that it is out of the question to do more, while only the reverse holds real when you find yourself reducing your matter. You might find all those packages that have been hard to get by way of are easier by doing this.


  1. मेरी हाइट 6'1" है और आज से 6 दिन पहले मेरा वजन 112.5 kg था।
    मेरे खुद के बनाए diet system से बिना कोई exercise(walk और running तक नहीं) किए 5 kg कम कर लिए । अच्छी बात ये है कि मेरा stomach से fat हट रहा है ।आज का मेरा weight 107.4 kg है।
    सिर्फ इतना ध्यान रखिए कि जो भी खाएं वो low calorie low carbs low fat हो और उनसे आपकी दिन भर की protein , fibre , vitamins etc. की जरूरत पूरी हो जाए।
    मैं इस समय एक दिन में सिर्फ 1100 से 1150 कैलोरी का खाना खा रहा हूँ और मुझे उससे दिन भर के लिए सभी nutrition भी पूरे मिल रहे हैं । ऑफिस वर्क में कोई दिक्कत नहीं है बल्कि ज्यादा एक्टिव फील हो रहा है।

  2. Sir plz.tell plz mera weight 65kg ho gya h or hight 5. 6 hai plz hame diet batayiye kaise kare

  3. Amit singh says:

    My age is 21 and height is 5'10" and weight is 82. I want my height increase minimum 3" please tell

  4. sir i reduce 18 kg with healthy diet nd nutrition
    my hight is 4"11and weight is 54 nd i think mujhe 5 kg or reduce karna hai plzz suggest me how i reduce more 5 kg

  5. voice clear nhi h yr

  6. hello…im 26 years n my current weight is 66kg n my height is 5.2…i hv been trying to lose weight bt my gym instructor is very unprofessional..he nvr teaches me wt to do for particular area…n its been a month i hv nt lost evn 10gm..plez suggest me what to do..

  7. yash kumar says:

    bhai anurag mera weight gain hogaya jayada and i want to no that gym morning mein karu ya evening mein kis time better rahega and konsi exercise sab se pehle karu bro btao.

  8. sir mai one month zumba + cardio kr rhi hoon mera na hi weightloss hua na hi fat loss hua hai kya kru

  9. kya walk se hips or thigh be loose hogy ?

  10. can you please make video on chia seed and flax seed

  11. sir fat kam Karna Hai stamc kam che kam 3inches Plg tips

  12. Dpk swami says:

    exercise for pear shape man ??

  13. sir my height 5,4 hai aur mera waight 74 to mujhe 10 kg waight loss karna hai mere do bachche hai dono operation se hai mera age 30 hai to mai kya karu yoga mai karti hu morning me 5: 30 ko to please mujhe kuch bataiye kaise kam karu

  14. mera weight 80 kg h , kam karne k liye Kya karna h..

  15. sir m roj 5 km running krta hu….shaam ko 30 min m…toh fat loss ke liye enough hoga na

  16. sir kitne minutes walk karni chahiye iam 52 year old plz tell me

  17. bhai bakwaas ke alawa kuch or bhi bta dete yr

  18. Thanku so much sir 😙😙

  19. sir how can I calculate my calories

  20. sir cant we eat banana before cardio instead of bcaa

  21. Vivek Jha says:

    Kitna km ye to bataiye sir

  22. my height is 5'7 Nd weight is 70 i wanna loose asap

  23. Iqra Asif says:

    Hy i am girl. Me skinny hun but me stomatch abs banana chati hun so what i do? Plz reaply.

  24. Thanks for sharing…plz share many more….

  25. hello sir meri hight 5.8 inch hai &mera weight 100kg hoo chuka hai.. sir plizz give me dite chart & Some exercise or tips to loss my Wight .. plizzzz

  26. I m 6 feet tall and my weight is 95 kg and also I m doing cardio so plz suggest me a diet plan to reduce my belly fat and as well as weight.
    I want to keep my weight 80 to 83 only with muscular body

  27. i am regular viewer of your chanel but yar meri fat kam hi nahi ho rahi daily 4 km running karta hu and if protein is necessary then suggest me pls yar fat burning ki koi achi bat yar pls

  28. yaa….only gunguna pani n nimbu.

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