Love Yourself Beautiful

Welcome! I show women how to connect the dots with food, thoughts and lifestyle choices to how they look and feel in their body - to discover more radiance, confidence and natural beauty...

My personal journey led me from hiding under a veil of makeup to now LOVE being in my skin plus feeling truly radiant and confident in all areas of my life. Now, I'm so thrilled to help others experience their own beauty wellness transformation. You can learn more about my training and style here>>

I support busy women, teens/young women, moms, brides as well as professional models, actors and pageant contestants. Those who want to feel better about their beauty wellness, food and lifestyle choices. My exclusive Jumpstart program offers the right SYSTEM, SUPPORT and ACCOUNTABILITY to help you reach your desired goals>>

Love yourself beautiful and get started with a free, private Discovery Session (a $125 value). This 30-minute phone call is a time to discuss your unique beauty wellness concerns. I guarantee you'll walk away with a least 1 aha about why you're stuck and how to get unstuck (clarity) in the areas of nutrition, self-care, exercise and beauty.

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To your health and beauty- Chanelle White, Holistic Beauty & Wellness Coach